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NKJV Audio Bible Free App - New King James Version apk

Download NKJV Audio Bible Free App - New King James Version apk for free.

NKJV Audio Bible Free App - New King James Version apk icon

NKJV Audio Bible Free App - New King James Version

NKJV Audio Bible Free App - New King James Version - Dramatized Audio Bible Commissioned in 1975 by Thomas Nelson Web publishers, 130 reputed Bible scholars, chapel leaders, and lay down Christians did the trick for seven years to make a completely new, modern translation of Scripture, yet the one that would wthhold the purity and stylistic beauty of the initial King Adam. With unyielding faithfulness to the initial Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic text messages, the translation can be applied the newest research in archaeology, linguistics, audio and textual studies.

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Mariah Littel Jr.

I have had this app on my phone for a few years now. I like the fact that it is just straight-up word of God that you can either read or listen to. I mostly read but have used the audio. I like that there are no study guides, commentaries, Etc. Just the pure unadulterated word of God. I don't use the audio much but when I tried it recently I kept getting a message to connect to the internet which I am. I went to settings and updated and now it works fine. I always have my bible with me now!

Mr. Dereck Balistreri PhD

If you like to listen to the Bible while running, walking, or driving, this App is not for you. It gets to the end of a chapter and then just stops. You have to take out your phone, select the next chapter, and then hit play. This is not a minor shortcoming if you like to listen through books and not just one chapter.

Demarco Donnelly

Awesome Holy Bibe, and it's Audio. Remember, John said in chapter 1 through the Power of God's Holy Spirit, that Jesus Christ is the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God! So my Friends, if you are putting the Word down, then you are putting God down. A person that doesn't study God's Word, is a Target for the Devil. Believe you me, you will feel his attack sooner or later. This is why the Word is important. The Word Fights off Satan and his demons.Jesus fought Satan with the Word

Tyson Smitham

I have a hearing problem and I like following along with my bible. I also like to have the audo following word for word. I find the music background disturbing due to my hearing problem. Therefore, I would like to stay with my current verion. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try a new version.

Mr. Richmond Sipes DDS

The app works well enough; it has some buffering/skipping issues in some books of the Old Testament, namely Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Judges. After having this app for some time now, I've noticed that some of the chapters in the books are not read in NKJV; this is troubling, since the developers said this is a NKJV audio bible, yet some of the books aren't in NKJV. I'm going through Judges 9 again, as of the writing of this review, and the whole chapter isn't read in NKJV

Mr. Odell Ward

i appreciate the reading of scripture. especially i like that it does not give verse numbers and see the end of one chapter it goes on to the next. I can listen in the night for hours without having to \"see\" to go to next chapter. very relaxing for me. thank you.

Prof. Christian Ondricka

Has the true original Ten Commandments as of now. I pray then don't alter them like one religion has done. Enjoy listening and bring able too hear as well as read The Word of God. Great to have proper pronounceation of names. Audio uses different voices for different people with background sounds which brings audio to life!

Ryley Leffler

I love this app. it's like someone reading me bedtime stories. it helps me to do as 2nd Timothy 2:15 says study to show thyself approved unto God a Workman who does not need to be ashamed that can rightly divide the word of Truth. I recommend this app to all people. I listen to it every morning.

Prof. Francisca Spinka DVM

so far it's been pretty good but I don't like the idea of you popping up the stuff on my phone so that I can't find it when I want it. so okay I go back to the new King James 1st Kings chapter 11 and 12 and now all of a sudden they don't even work and you're New Living Bible many of the chapters aren't there or only partial you need to go through and listen and fix it.

Mrs. Clementine Renner V

Had trouble at first, the audio wouldn't load. So I uninstalled/reinstalled with no luck. The awesome team quickly replied back instructing me to reinstall it and bingo I'm once again a happy camper. Thank you for the help team. I really enjoy this app.

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    May. 16, 2019
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