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Tap Color Color by Number

Tap Color – Color By Number is one of the BEST relaxing games for you to release stresses on your mobile devices. You can freely draw your own modern masterpieces based on numbers. So it can help you release stress and feel relaxed by number coloring. 🌈

For both adults and kids, a coloring book is a secret weapon of anti-stress. According to some research, coloring may increase creativity in painting for educational purposes and also can be beneficial to people's mental health. 🖼️


- Simple & Easy to Paint Your Artworks
Do not know about art painting? Don’t worry, all you need do is to tap the numbers and follow the clues, then tap the relevant cells to fill the color. It is much easier than drawing pixel art.

- Well Designed Anti-Stress Paintings
All the paintings are designed carefully, they will provide you with an excellent way to feel calm and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation.

- Various Images in Different Categories
There are a variety of coloring pages in different categories, you can color Flowers, Landscapes, Unicorn, and Mandala etc. More types are on the go.

- Coloring Masterpieces Anytime & Anywhere
Try to start this coloring game for relaxation and creation anytime or anywhere, you can color and revise your coloring pages Anytime & Anywhere.

- Editors’ Selected Images for Your Coloring
There will be some images selected by editors for you to color. Those editors’ choices will offer you a better coloring experience besides the regular ones.

- Share Your Creations On Social Networks *
You can quickly send your artworks to your friends or post them on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so on)
( * are the features will be added soon. )


- Choose different numbers to locate the unfinished coloring cells.
- Use 2 fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out through the coloring image.
- Use 1 finger to drag the coloring image from one place to another.
- “Hints” help you auto-locate the coloring cells which you cannot find.
- Your artwork’s progress will be auto-saved when you leave or close it.

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Want to release your stress? 🏝
Want to start an amazing color by number game journey on your mobile devices?
Don’t hesitate to download it for FREE and enjoy a color therapy to steady your emotion and improve your concentration NOW!

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Elwyn Lebsack

I love this app it is SUCH a good app I recommend it to anyone that loves to sit down and relax. If you play this while sitting down and chilling for a little it.can be a very good game to play. Or if you just want to color but you are not a very good drawer and want to color you should also play this game. That's why I have it a give star rating and took the time to write this whole 5 minute explanation of why you should DEFINITELY get this app. So if you do get this app I really hope you enjoy it. And also big shout out to the pepole who made this thank yu very much for all of the hard work and time that you put into this app so pepole can enjoy it. I really appreciate it. Do again thank you and I hope you keep on making apps like this.

Mrs. Nella Keebler

UPDATE 5/2/2019: Yesterday this app crashed and I had to start my picture over. Today the same thing happened. Time to look for a new coloring app. I found this game because I was looking for an easy to color app for my daughter to use while her and I was sitting in a waiting room. So I installed this on my Note 8 for her and she had so much fun. Once we got home I decided to open this app and see what is was about. Well I've been using this app since I first downloaded it on January 4th 2019.

Heath Greenholt

Ever since yesterday when I did the update, it won't let me color and actually finish. It crashes and when i go back to the page the color sheet i was working on is blank. Making me start completely over! i went to do my daily image today and i colored it and made it to number 6 the first time then it froze and crashed, 2nd time i made it to number 9 it crashed again. when i went back to the daily image it was blank. like i had not been working on it at all. I did LOVE THIS APP!! PLZ FIX!!

Prof. Ova Crooks

This app worked great until the update came out. Now when I am working on a picture the app just closes on me and when I open it back up I have to start my picture all over again. It is very frustrating that I am thinking about deleting it which is a shame because I loved this app.

Cali Schamberger DDS

Since I have tried this app, i have experienced white screens, freezing, and black pictures. Being a tech I have already done all the trouble shooting and this is on the developers end, problems they need to fix as it seems to be a wide spread problem. It's poor business to expect customers to jump through hoops to make your product work, not worth my time or effort. I'll just go somewhere else to someone who can do it right.

Dr. Aiden Bauch

great fun! today your Tap Color has been switching off in the middle of a coloring and when it returns, one has to start all over again as it has been cleared. Help! Second message! Please fix app from stopping continuously! Thank you! Thank you for fixing my favourite App.

Maximillia Lueilwitz V

I used to love this app (despite all the annoying ads) until this most recent update. Now I'm looking for a new coloring app unless they fix whatever they did in the new update. I get halfway through a picture, then the apps closes out on me and loses all my work. it's becoming more anger inducing than relaxing at this point.

Mr. Makenna Lemke

Love this app, its the best so far \u0026 I've tried many different ones. It's relaxing, addictive and not constantly interrupting you with ads. Would like to see more Jungle animals, marine animals etc. I also think as we are a week after easter, these pictures could now be minimalised \u0026 replaced with newer pics. Keep up the great work Guys 👍

Adah Cole

beautiful color, pieces easy to tap, wish there were more of a variety of ethnic group people. too much santa and other fictional ideas. Yours, out of 3 paint by numbers I have, is the best. I like the shadows or fades. I also like how I tap on the color and the picture blinks for the uncolored ones.

Oleta Corkery

This game is so much fun and if you don't like it you're crazy because it's the best game ever so don't call anybody out for this game because it's super relaxing when you just look into it it's so amazing so I'm giving you all the hope that I have and if you guys make another game just tell me please cuz this game is so relaxing and so amazing. Thanks for the people who have made it this far to make sure that there was a game to relax people take out the out stress . Love Y'all!!