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MedBridge GO for Patients

MedBridge GO gets you moving! Powered by award-winning content and technology, MedBridge GO is the premier app for you to complete exercises as prescribed by your therapist (PT, OT, AT, or SLP).

Two simple steps to get moving:
1. Enter the access code from your provider to download your program
2. Tap ‘GO’ to follow along with the exercise videos as they play on-screen

You can also set reminders, track overall progress, and view all of the Patient Education materials included by your therapist, from 3D models and explanatory exercise videos to clinician notes and PDF guides.

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Demond Murray

the idea of having a video lead you through the exercises is laudable. too bad it doesn't work well. if you have to spend half your time bypassing video error messages, it spoils the flow. further the exercises as demonstrated and the number of repeats does not match the same exercises and repeats as shown on the website, which is what the physical therapist used to set up the program.

Corine Orn

Great app! Very useful. My only suggestion would be to get rid of the login to put your code in every time for easy and quick access. I may not remember my code to put it in every time. My information will not be stolen if I don't need to input my code every time. There is no personal information or identifiers on this app. The security on the app is a little too much and makes it impossible to access it quickly.

Robbie Kilback

The program works OK but has too much pointless security. Unless you have a lock code for your phone you have to enter your access code every time you use it. If you do have a code, you have to enter it again for the app. Ignore this badly designed app and use the website because your browser will remember the access code.

Jeramy Lind

The app reminds me to do my physical therapy daily. I can change the timing to let me get the different tools I need, weights, exercise band, dowel, eg. I also can set a convenient time of day. I wish it could hook up to my Samsung smart watch. That's the only downside.

Justine DuBuque

Am still trying to set this up. To enter my date of birth, I have to scroll through every month on a calendar? This is taking me a while since I'm 65. Why couldn't they allow me to input my birthday manually instead of providing me only with a calendar to scroll through?

Prof. Mara Quitzon IV

I forget the proper technique of some of the exercises which were taught at the physical therapy office. Therefore, it is great having the ability to review the way some exercises should be performed.

Mrs. Hillary Ortiz

Helps me remember which exercises I need to do and if I need a refresher on how to do an exercise correctly, I can always check it out on this app. Thank!

Prof. Vincent Murray IV

This application is very useful for staying on top of my exercises. I use it with my physical therapy and it helps me time my exercises and reminds me how to do them correctly.

Dr. Jamarcus Kuhlman II

Really helps to do the movement correctly and helps with the timing. Love that it keeps track of your sessions which helps to hold you accountable to yourself.

Dr. Meredith Sauer

I love that you can set a timer every day to remind you to do your exercise. fairly easy to navigate. You can choose which exercise you want to do for the day. physical therapy at home made easy