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Line Physics: Draw Lines to Solve Puzzles apk

Download Line Physics: Draw Lines to Solve Puzzles apk for free.

Line Physics: Draw Lines to Solve Puzzles apk icon

Line Physics: Draw Lines to Solve Puzzles

Line Physics is the latest drawing brain puzzle game! Draw, solve and have fun with this amazing dots brain game.

★ Explore 4 different game modes with different rules! ★

Draw lines to guide a ball towards the target point. The game is based on physics and all balls and dots are affected by gravity. The rule's very straight forward, just draw lines or shapes to bump the love with balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination to create the perfect path.

How to play:
★ Draw lines and shapes to lead the ball to the goal
★ Movement of the ball is based on physics
★ Use hints when you have no clue
★ Restart the game anytime if you are stuck in love & balls

★ 500+ challenging levels to play and more are coming
★ 4 game modes with endless fun
★ Easy and free to play, play it anywhere
★ Excellent physical simulation
★ Each level has multiple solutions, find the best one
★ Best way of training your brain & your imagination

“Really funny puzzles game! Wish there were more levels! Definitely recommend!!! You won’t regret it!!!”

“The experience of the game is wonderful, I can draw very freely, and some of those levels are very interesting.”

Download & play Line Physics now!

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Dr. Norwood Kulas I

I honestly think there are too many ads, and when you open the game for the first time, you are forced to do a free trial for x amount of time. I do not reccomend this game try it if you want, you will probably uninstall it in a heartbeat. Uninstalled and will never play it again. ✌

Prof. Natalia O'Reilly

I think it can be good and b ad at the same time. I personally love the Slice go levels. I think this game is very good with Apple phones better than Android and it acts different ontbthe Apple to the Android so I would recommend changing that a little bit. Other than that I think the game is very good. I like this app.

Noel Runolfsdottir III

i love games like this but it lags really bad...and sometimes when u try to draw a line all u get is tiny needs a lot of work. UPDATE: with your app update the lag is gone BUT drawing lines is STILL really bad..sometimes u just get tiny balls instead of lines. probably going to uninstall.

Stanley Marks

Looks fun, but wouldn't know: game automatically forces you to \"free trial\" for an X amount of time before being charged 😑 Yeah, I don't think so - Homey don't play dat.

Dr. Myrna Russel

Unplayable due to ads. You open the app. Ad. Tap to Start. Ad. Select a level set and actually play the game. Once you pass the level, Ad. There are ways of implementing ads that are unobtrusive and can be rewarding. But this isn't it. You're forced to fight advertising every step of the way. Not worth playing in its current state.

Lysanne Romaguera

i like this game bc it has different games inside of it, instead of having to buy other games to play, but i think on the slice go u should take away the \"Watch a video to go to the next round \" it dont say that but it has the video §ign, but out of that its good...

Dr. Tatum Pfeffer

Its really buggy and not like the ads. I really wanted it to be the situations where you stop someone from doing something. And whenever I try to watch a vidio for the hint, after the video I dont get the hint. Its annoying.

Rowan Nolan

A GAME should never be allowed to make phone calls on your behalf!!! Way to many adds!! I would give 0 stars if that was an option.

Prof. Cristian Mertz

This is a really fun game!! It does have a lot of ads, but the good graphics, fun gameplay, and addictivness of this game makes up for it!!!

Werner Kling PhD

Total garbage game don't bother installing it's nothing more than an ad generator app. You get brief moments of lagging game play and waste tons of time watching ads that can be tricky to get out of! UNINSTALLED!

  • Author
    Brain Training Games Dev
  • Publish date
    May. 16, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 16 and above
  • File Size
  • Package Name
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