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Two Eyes - Nonogram

Join a dreamlike journey with Nonogram.

Why were they meant to meet again in their next lives, as a wolf and a deer?

And what decision would they make in their sad destiny?

Keep your eyes on them until the end of their sad, but beautiful journey with Nonogram Puzzle!

[ special features ]

- Hundreds of puzzles available.

- Cool design colour dots. ( puzzle logic corrected )

- Ability to store your changes on Google Cloud.

- The puzzle game saves automatically at the end of the operation.

- Multiple difficulty levels (10x10; 15x15; 20x20; 30x30);

- By completing normal and history mode you can access BigMap mode.

- Two-finger zoom function; Zoom out; move around; New undo function

- The more puzzles you solve, the more interesting the story becomes

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Keyon Medhurst III

This is a great game even, for beginners. I have graduated from the 5x5 panels to the 20x20s, and I'm now staring down the barrel of some 30x30 grids. My only complaint is some broken English in the story telling, but that is easily overlooked with stellar puzzles and a gradual step progression that has not only prepped me for this end game but for other piccross games in the future I didn't mean the broken English was a bad thing. The story is easily understood, and, in my opinion, captivating

Ms. Sydnee Rolfson

I absolutely love this game - a great relaxation time while keeping the brain active. I do have one issue with it however - the boxes get smaller and smaller, and my fingers are far just too big to accurately fill them in. I get that we can zoom in on the grid, but I find that without the ability to scroll around the map, this isn't as useful as it would appear. I am now on the finale, and keep failing the game due to fat fingers!! Maybe extra lives to account for how diddy the boxes get?

Dr. Victor Herman

Awesome game! I love nonograms, and this has a lot of puzzles and a nice story. Just a couple suggestions: 1. An undo button would be nice 2. It would be nice if in lines with multiple numbers, the numbers would change as you got them. Example: a line with 4 5, the 4 would go dark as soon as you got it, without having to wait for the 5 too. In the larger puzzles it's difficult to see which groups you have and haven't got, this would help. 100% recommend to anyone who likes nonograms!

Millie Jacobs

This is an excellent game! You can pay to remove adds, or leave them if that is your style. I love games that give me the option to remove adds! I wish everyone would \"add\" that feature. The game play is 5 stars. The story is good. I like how you slowly uncover bigger pictures by playing the puzzles! Good game. Download it.

Paul Waters

I love this game. It's one of the few nonograms that you can do where it's not a picture but part of a larger picture, and in Black and White. Color always distracts and bothers me when doing nonograms. The story is sweet and the art is beautiful. It is such a soothing, calming, and addicting game that I finished it and started all over again. One of my favorite mobile games of all time!

Jadyn Torphy I

Really enjoy the game and have even finished all the deer puzzles. However, now the game randomly freezes and I have to force close the game for it to function again. I was really looking forward to completing the story but it is not worth the effort anymore. Also the arrow buttons are quite small and its very easy to miss the button or press the wrong one. Overall the game is good to zone out with but is unplayable for me right now.

Jettie Abbott

I really enjoyed this app. The artwork, story and puzzles are amazing. I found it challenging, fun and slightly addictive - especially when I'd almost finished a scene! I had no problems with the app, and although I've completed the game I can't bring myself to delete it from my phone. Just in case I want to complete it again...

Gonzalo Herzog

Interesting and fun this game deffinetly makes you think. I didn't understand how to play at first event after watching the tutorial. After I had been experimenting for a bit I finally figured it out. It is fun and worth a shot.

Dr. Dameon Collins

This is a pixle puzzle game. The story is very moving. Yet, doing the puzzles to progress is rather time consuming. Such a game is not for all. Least wise for those with little patience. However, if you don't mind pretty and relaxing music this is an excellent game to relax with.

Norris Kreiger

I love this game! The first me I downloaded it, I didn't understand what to do and uninstalled in frustration. I tried again and feel in love. The instructions could be better. I've now finished 100% and downloaded other games by this developer. Great game!