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Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge apk

Download Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge apk for free.

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Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge

Tuku Tuku is a party game, that is all about reflex and acting under pressure — you have to give 3 answers to a simple question in 5 seconds before the bell rings. It's "Fast, Fun, Crazy!".

Can you name 3 things that get wet? Imagine the ticking clock and your friends staring at you with their piercing eyes, you are lost for words!

• over 2000 challenging questions
• different categories
• your own questions
• up to 20 players
• no ads

With custom questions, you can change this game into whatever you like - be it Truth or Dare, Flirting game or a Quiz.

This game is full of ridiculous answers and will get your party jumping in no time. It's perfect for a boring car ride, family reunion or just playing with your friends. It will get you rolling on the floor laughing!

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Korbin Schneider IV

it is a very easy game and i can play with many people. it also was nice that i could create my own questions and get different decks/packs depending on who i was playing with.i would definetly recommend this game.

Jakob Leannon

The game was amazing!!! And guys do you watch sis vs bro

Leonora Baumbach

Great, but needs audible sound at end of the 5 seconds.

Jacklyn Dibbert

fun, but MUCH better if there was sound!!!

Palma Gislason

Had a really good time playing with my friends

Myrl Powlowski

game is fun. need to add flirting questions

Ms. Marcia Reinger

This has brought our family lots of fun

Norma Stanton

It is a knowledgeable and an amazing game

Mr. Corbin Mante DVM

splendid fun, some american questions are tough

Kayli Mayer

lots of fun, david was rubbish