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  • Author
    Switchmate Home LLC
  • Publish date
    May. 17, 2019
  • Requirements
    Android and above
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The Switchmate app allows you to interact with our full suite of Switchmate Devices!

Connect, Configure & Control Switchmate, SWMbright/Slim, SWMpower, Zip, Cube Camera, and our future devices all in one place. Setup, toggling, setting preferences like timers and Welcome Home, and more!

We are currently hard at work on a MAJOR ground-up rebuild (v4.0) and would love to hear your feedback, we're listening!
Support/Need Help? [email protected]
Feedback/Suggestions? [email protected]

- Control your existing switches or power ports
- Timers: automatically turn your switches or plugs on/off at preset times
- Welcome Home: automatically turn on switches or plugs of your choosing when you get home
- View, Record, and Manage your Cube IP Camera
- Remote Control from anywhere with a Bridge Device (Power or Zip)
- Full Alexa Integration: "SimplySmart Home by Switchmate" Skill (Requires Power or Zip bridge) "Alexa, turn on my porch light"
- Full Google Home, Home Control Integration: "SimplySmart Home by Switchmate" Action under GH Home Control (Requires Power or Zip bridge) "Hey Google, turn on my living room fan"
- Google Assistant Integration: "Switchmate" action under Google Assistant Explore - Separate from our primary GH integration above we offer limited GH/GA functionality for users without a Power or Zip device! "Hey Google, talk to Switchmate"
- Updates: get over the air firmware updates for your Switchmate device(s) to make sure you have the latest/greatest
- Voice Control: Use the mic icon in the app to control your lights with your voice, see below for more details!

Some of the Features we're working on:
- Widgets: Add them to your Home Screen so you don't have to open the app to toggle switches or use voice commands!
- Grouping: Create & control groups of devices together.
- Timeout: Automatically turn off a switch after X amount of time!
- Android Wear: Because who doesn't want to use their watch to do all this?
- API & Tasker/IFTTT Plugins: Per your requests, we're still in the early planning stages on this one but we're working on it!

Voice Control Feature:
You can click the Microphone icon in the app and simply say your command - voice activation tries to first match by the switch name that shows in your list of devices (and you can change under Device Settings), but if it can't find that it will try to match to the location you selected when you first setup your Switchmate(s). And you can even use "all" to control all switches within range! Here are some examples:
"Turn Kenny's Room light off"
"Turn on my living room lights"
"Turn all my lights off"
"Bedroom on"

- Location Permissions are unfortunately required for BLE by Android - we're huge on privacy and unfortunately there is no way around not requiring Location to be enabled on Android because we cannot scan for BLE devices without it, and that is why the app will not function without it. Beyond that we do use location data only when Welcome Home is enabled so we can tell you're nearing home in order to optimize battery (so we're not looking for Switchmates all the time!). This data is often cached from other apps and we simply grab that data so in most cases we aren't making new location checks - and that data is NEVER transmitted off your phone/to us at all.
- Background Service & Waking your device permissions are also used for Welcome Home so we can ping your Switchmate to let it know you're home without the app needing to be open.
- Internet permissions are used for checking for firmware updates & sending us crash reports (via Google Crashlytics)
- Bluetooth & WiFi permissions are required for communicating with your Switchmate devices.

- Switchmate Device(s) of course!
- Android 4.4.4+ is required so we can use Bluetooth Low Energy in order to save a lot of battery!

Switchmate devices are currently only sold in the US and Canada

Editor's Note

Switchmate has designed and announced by Switchmate Home LLC. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Switchmate apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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  • 2 days ago Rachel R.

    So-so, it works with my iPod touch and my LG G4 but I got a new LG q6 and it won't work on it. I fiddled around with it a bit and it finally started working and then after a couple of days it quit, think there might be a conflict with google home but not sure. then again when you try to use Google home you have to ask to talk to switchmate then tell it to turn off the light you're looking for and it says it's turning it off it but doesn't actually do it.

  • 5 days ago Mike L

    App and product doesn't work. Purchased two from Bed Bath \u0026 Beyond and got them to pair with my Samsung Note 9 and program the timer function. The timer function on either one didn't work. I didn't try Google Home due to others' review and their difficulty. Also, I didn't update the firmware since there are many occurrences of bricking the product, \u0026 I'm only interested in the timer. If the cell phone needs to be near the switch for the timer to work would be an absolute failure of a product.

  • 5 days ago Brian Winner

    consistantly losing connectivity which makes even the monotonous process of going to google and asking it to talk to switchmate even more annoying. I've already had to reset the device by deleting it and re downloading it. This app seems unfinished and buggy and the fact that I have to be near my device to make it work is even more annoying, google assistant/home should be able to execute the commands itself because the amount of time it takes me to go through the process, defeats its purpose.

  • 1 week ago To The Point 2020

    Don't update your older switchmate or it will no longer work. No customer support. Basically got told to buy a new one.. Lost my business forever.

  • 1 week ago Joel Doetsch

    Ever since I got the new upgrade, my switchmates no longer respond via the app. I'll be getting rid of these as soon as I find a replacement

  • 2 weeks ago ba6771

    The firmware update bricked all of my devices

  • 2 weeks ago Ferent Jean

    Don't work. i returned into the store

  • 3 weeks ago jez alison

    great product easy to use.

  • 3 weeks ago Rand MacIntosh

    very poor device. will not work without a update download every day. despite having the device programmed to come on and off at set time, you need to do a download manually before manually turning on a light that is plugged in. would not recommend

  • 3 weeks ago John Freeman

    won't connect to my phone LG Stylo 4