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    May. 18, 2019
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Hand-picked verified facts with an image for each fact! Many amazing facts!

? Every fact is researched to make sure that it's not made up
? Reference links are available for each fact so that it's easy to get more information.
? Hand-picked images are displayed with each fact
? European measurements for most facts can be enabled in settings
? Some facts have a video that explains about the fact and other interesting things
? Collect your favorite facts and view the list afterwards to share with friends.

Various categories:
? Animal Facts
? Art Facts
? Astronomy Facts
? Biology Facts
? Economy Facts
? Environment Facts
? Geography Facts
? History Facts
? Language Facts
? Math Facts
? Plants Facts
? Psychology Facts
? Science Facts

This is an educational app, providing interesting facts and cool facts, to give a wow effect, to let people learn interesting things, and to educate themselves about amazing facts. Education in a fun way!

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Some interesting facts:
✓ Did you know? An egg can not be broken by squeezing both its ends.
✓ The lion's mane jellyfish is the largest species of jellyfish, reaching a width of 7.5 feet, with tentacles up to 121.4 feet long.
✓ You can't see your own eyes in motion when looking in a mirror because your brain blocks out the images while the eyes are moving, which makes you blind at these moments.
✓ 1 million seconds is about 11 days. 1 billion seconds is ~32 years. 1 trillion is ~32,000 years. 1 quadrillion is ~32,000,000 years.
✓ Cherenkov radiation is like the sonic-boom of light. When matter moves faster then the phase velocity of light, then this blue electromagnetic radiation is emitted.
✓ A typical used mattress contains from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites.
✓ When you jump, you actually move the whole earth a tiny bit.
✓ The earth travels at a speed of 330 miles per second, which means that in one minute you are about 11,800 miles away from where you were.
✓ Intel’s factories produce over five billion transistors every second.
✓ Getting closer to the ground causes the earth to spin a tiny bit faster, which causes the day to be a tiny bit shorter.
✓ A blue whale's tongue can weigh as much as an elephant.
✓ We have gaze detection networks in our brains that contain individual neurons that fire when someone is staring directly at us but stop firing if the gaze shifts just a degree or two.
✓ In 1945 a computer malfunctioned because of a moth caught in one of it's circuits. A computer error is called a bug ever since.
✓ Roy Cleveland Sullivan was hit by lightning on seven different occasions, and he survived all of them.
✓ Dolphins have been trained to turn in trash in exchange for fish. One dolphin was smart enough to hide paper under a rock and tear off small pieces in order to get more fish.
✓ People mostly get sick in the winter from being indoors, where germs can circulate more freely, and not from the cold.

While we made every effort to provide accurate information, there is no warranty or guarantee that the facts presented here are exact. We welcome all polite corrections to our information.

The images are creative commons images that can be redistributed and modified. Most of the icons are from icons8.com and flaticon.com.

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