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Assistant for Android

Top 18 features to help you easily and efficiently manage for your android smartphones and tablets.

Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your android phone's performance. It speeds up your phone's running speed and saves battery.

【Top 18 features】
1. Monitor status (CPU, RAM, ROM, SD card, Battery)
2. Process Manager (Auto Boost and Quick Boost can distinguish different types of processes thus will not kill fatal system processes and apps in Ignore List.)
3. Cache Cleaner
4. System Clean(Cache, Thumbnail Cache, Temporary File, Log File, Empty Folder, Empty File, Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History)
5. Power Saver(Bluetooth, Wifi, Gps, Auto-sync, Auto-rotate screen, Haptic feedback, Screen brightness, Timeout)
6. File Manager
7. Startup Manager
8. Batch Uninstall
9. Battery Usage
10. Volume Control
11. Phone Ringtone
12. Startup Time
13. Startup Silent(Menu->Settings->Startup Silent)
14. System Info
15. Widget(Quick Booster[1,4], Shortcuts[4])
16. App 2 SD: Get more free internal phone storage space
17. Batch Install
18. App backup and restore

V 23.22(112)
- Fixed force close on Lollipop(android 4.x) and Marshmallow(android 6.0)

V 23.21(111)
- Fixed Cache Clear on android 6.0.
- Fixed some force close bug.
- Added get task permission(some model need that to solve force close)

v 23.20(110)
- Support Marshmallow(android 6.0)
- Optimize Marshmallow(android 6.0)

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Prof. Theodore Bogisich

Been using this app for about 2 years and loved it, but now, the app does not work or load since the last update. been using this on my Samsung Tab a, and unfortunately, until it's fixed I could not give it any higher of a rating. I really hope to see them get this app fixed because I really did like using this to keep my tablet organized.

Rosemary Walsh

Whenever I want to clear cache of all application it works really bad for me, your update are really worse. I am using this app from last 2 year and this app is just like as I want but now this is bad special in clear cache data one by one app choosing this is why I hate this. Please remove updates.

Alana Aufderhar

This app can't clean cache data properly. When it cleaning then Suddenly it's shows some apps permission options and stop cleaning. Please slove this problem as soon as possible.

Prof. Vance Feil II

I'm using android assistant to 2 years bt after recently new update it doesn't work on my samsung Galaxy J5 pro.please fix this

Yasmeen Deckow PhD

what's happened to this once great app...doesn't do the job as well as previous versions....can we go back 2 or 3 versions.

Frida Kilback IV

Have used this app for ages without fault but following recent update it does not even open fully. Using Android 8.1.0 on Samsung A6 Tablet.

Florian Bahringer

Good but recently when I'm wanting batch install then showing unfortunately stopped, but why? Please solve it and update

Jaleel Kling

Worst ever update, sorry to say. Have been using for 2 to 3 years

Rhiannon Wiegand

i have been using this app exclusively for almost 10 years on every smartphone I have owned during that time, but now the app no longer works at all on my new LG stylo 4. Please fix the issue \u0026 I will give it 5 stars again.

Prof. Megane Thompson MD

What happened to this application? It does not even display all the Processes anymore. This is a poor shadow of it's former self, look elsewhere.