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L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop apk

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L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop

Aim, pop, unbox — collect! Shake things up with the L.O.L. Surprise dolls in this matching ball pop game. Now with all new Eye Spy Series surprises including the spy glass to collect clues! Add ALL NEW Glam Glitter Series and Eye Spy Series Under Wraps dolls to your collection. Don’t stop now… Keep popping to unbox and complete your doll collection. You’re almost there! Excited yet?

Pop matching L.O.L. Surprise balls.
Pop special L.O.L. Surprise balls to unbox items.
Unbox all 6 items to unlock a new L.O.L. Surprise doll.
Build your own L.O.L. Surprise doll collection.
Includes L.O.L. Surprise tots dolls from Series 1, 2, 3, Glitter, Glam Glitter and Eye Spy Series.
Discover your doll’s water surprise! Will she spit, cry, tinkle, or change color?
Confetti surprise balls pop confetti!
Quick! Better match the timer balls before they explode ending the game.
Look out for the indestructible balls that can’t be matched.
Be careful not to let the balls cross the bottom line - the board will clear!

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Dr. Velda Douglas Sr.

Love this game! I completed it! But it would never let me update it. Only problem! Edit: updated!! now THIS is the only problem. It wouldn't let me play. It would read \"unfortunately lol ball pop has stopped\"! Please fix it. I'll tell you if anything else happens! take care!

Ubaldo Cormier

this is so fun and addicting😋 i totally recomend this to all little girls who love this toy in stores. there is no ads !!! and if there is there isnt many. i love the little details and all the selections of dolls you can collect. I AM NEVER UNINSTALLONG THIS Game. totally rated 5 🌟 great job!

Sadye Ward

I love this game they should make way more L.O.L suprise games these kind of games are the addictive games there gun and everything is fun about it that's why I love it. It actually calms me down when I'm stressed or upset so it makes me happy make more L.O.L. SUPRISE GAMES PLEASE

Ms. Lulu Reilly

This game is the worst. All the other games I played like this were not boring because the game was not a heck boring has this dumb game. Now, I will keep sending messages until you fix it. Now I am going to unstall the junk.

Miss River Doyle III

The update where you have to pay coins to keep your items is trash. I would like the previous version back 😒😒😒

Dr. Osbaldo Johnston IV

I love lol surprise and i find this game pretty fun. But the reason why i rate 4 stars is that i have difficulty finding the secret clues. After i have found bebe bonita's first part of the clue, i could not find the other half and when i got another eye spy series doll i could not find any of her secret clues. pls fix it and i will rate 5 stars next time! And maybe you can shorten the time we need to wait for the next search as its quite annoying at times when u need to wait so long . Thx!

Maci Hartmann

the new version of this game sucks because they have to pay for the LOL balls and if you want that involve dolls specifically you have to pay for it with your coins instead of the old version how you can just play with the balls and get the heart's so you can get an accessory and when you get all of them you get a ball but instead they changed it with coins I hate it. I hope you guys change it back to the old version.😠😡😣😤😧😧😧😧😧😧😢😥😦😭😞😟😔😓

Cleora Schultz

I LOVE lol surprise, and I LOVE this game... it would be even cooler if you could change their clothes and play with them... maybe even have unlockable or purchasable rooms from the dollhouse where you can play with dolls you've collected. Also thought it would be AMAZING if there was a jackpot where users could have a chance to win an actual LOL Surprise Ball Pop exclusive that would be sent out in the mail!!! Also a daily spinning wheel where you can win coins, extra accessories, etc..

Amina Runolfsson

It keeps messing up where I throw my lol balls it make them stick to each other and that is not where I want them to go the game is also very glithcy

Ada Gaylord

My daughter loves this game. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because we noticed it doesn't save the items (bottle, shoes etc.) you already had while playing the game. Now when you close it you loose everything. She loves the coins she finally got to see the unicorn lol doll and now she has it in her collection. Hope ya'll eventually update it to include the new lol dolls. We would love to see her new dolls match the game as well.