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Unblock Red Wood

"Unblock Red Wood" is a simple and addictive sliding block puzzle game.
Perfectly solve stages without using hints and get 3 stars and a super crown!

The goal of game is to get the red wood block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way.
We will provide a lot of levels to the players.

Enjoy puzzles and keep your mind sharp!

Some stage are particularly difficult, We want players to think more.

If there is a difficult level, you can use the prompt clearance

Unblock Red Wood can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday.
play by yourself or challenge your friends to compare your moves. Line up and have fun with your buddy :)

• Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side
• Vertical blocks can be moved up and down
• Move the red block to the exit.

Editor's Note

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Ms. Dianna Kautzer

Too many ads. I've played games before and read reviews where they've stated too many ads, but this game takes the prize. After every single board there is an ad. The game play was fine, not sure how much more challenging it will get with higher boards, I'll revise if or when I get to them.

Lexi Steuber

Nice graphics on the blocks. I enjoy the how the puzzles' difficulty increases. I couldn't find a way to turn the sounds off in all settings so I had to turn down my tablet which was a pain for other notifications (I had to manually exit and check email, etc.). All in all I like it!

Loma Simonis

Actually it's a very wonderful game the techniques the new techniques we learn from this game even my child is very excited to play this game because some games are that only like you have to give your one and this like that but in this game you have to unlock the redwoods and all and that the technique that are used by my child is very helpful for daily life to say love the game it's full of technique

Prof. Luna Lemke III

Way too many ads. Almost every other level is followed by an ad. The back button on android is ignored. Shame as this looks like a good game to play otherwise.

Jacinthe Collier V

You will see adds after every next stage. It means after 1 min or less there are adds that's why I gave 2 stars only. However we can directly click on no on adds and there are no video adds so it's short add only. Otherwise game is Good Puzzle.

Ms. Carmela Mann

i love blocks that means ilke this game .when look at the pitchers on the screen you really don't know if its a cool game or not it may be a very cool gme that you hav'int played before theres a lot of games to chosse from i chosse this most fun learning game because i had not played it before any way thia game is a really nice fun game to play its a relaxing game i play this game whaen my hand is sore it makes my hand have a nice brake i love to play this game i shall now never delete this game

Rafael Bailey

Too many new game offers. Makes the play broken and not fun.

Tatyana Hayes

Excellent game beautiful grapics but the pushing ad's killed it all banner at bottom of game not bad but watched ads after each game level a bit much.

Asa O'Kon


Mateo Douglas

Mute sound does not work in game. Android controls (back button) are ignored in game. Ads are way too frequent and noisy. Boo.