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Endless Frontier Saga 2 - Online Idle RPG Game apk

Download Endless Frontier Saga 2 - Online Idle RPG Game apk for free.

Endless Frontier Saga 2 - Online Idle RPG Game apk icon

Endless Frontier Saga 2 - Online Idle RPG Game

[Special Presents from Endless Frontier]
To celebrate Christmas, we have redecorated Endless Frontier.
Enjoy the variety of events and Christmas presents.

Endless games and fantasy RPG adventures bring legendary heroes into an idle RPG battle that began over a thousand years ago! Enter online PvP role playing game battles, fight dungeon boss monsters and end the reign of the Dark Prince in Endless Frontier!

Play endless games of fantasy RPG action with online PvP matches, online RPG guild wars and plenty of treasures to unlock! Level up your character with limitless fantasy RPG power ups and take control of legendary heroes in the Endless Frontier!

Idle clicker games mechanics let you manually power up your units and send them into battle, or sit back and watch the game play itself, even when you’re offline!

In this idle RPG, after failing to defeat the dreadful Prince of Darkness, Erin vows to revive himself again and again to organize the Knightgage of Dimension! Join the clicker game of automatic fantasy RPG action! Online PvP, auto RPG adventures and idle action await!

Endless Frontier Saga 2 Features:

Idle RPG Fantasy Games
★ Idle RPG online gameplay in an exciting fantasy adventure!
★ Adventure roleplaying games storyline has you lead your knights into the heat of battle and defeat the dreaded Prince of Darkness in epic autoquests!
★ Tap games mechanics let you select, power up and send out your heroic units with a touch of the screen

Legendary Heroes
★ Fantasy RPG heroes number over 150 and have their own powers – Which ones will you command?
★ Monster RPG trainer lets you recruit more than 50 pets to aid you in your quest!
★ Level up and command more than 100 kinds of army units to become legends of war!

Endless Games and Inflation RPG
★ Leveling up games - Grow stronger each time you revive with progressive gameplay!
★ Endless games levels for endless fun! There’s no limit to the amount of power you can obtain!
★ Level up and tap your way through an expansive frontier of over 9000 stages!

Online PvP Guild Wars and Dungeon Games
★ Endless games and online PvP awaits with RPG battles and 200 vs. 200 guild wars that offer endless fun
★ Adventure RPG dungeon games and boss battles award you with 20 kinds of unique treasures and rare gifts

Fantasy RPG Gifts and Treasures
★ RPG online games let you discover more than 200 relics to aid you in your autoquest
★ Auto RPG levels give you treasure chests in each stage for even more great rewards!
★ Endless games means endless treasure - obtain gold automatically the longer you stay in the frontier
★ Tap, quest, and find more treasures

Enter the free RPG online adventure game, traverse the endless frontier and take on your friends in online PvP games! See why Endless Frontier Saga 2 is one of the best idle RPG games on the market today!

■ Rights Information
We request the following permissions for smooth gameplay.

[ Modify or delete the contents of your SD card (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) ]
Use an external storage such as SD cards to save and load game data.

[ Find accounts on the device (GET_ACCOUNTS) ]
This right is need for the linkage and notification between your game account and google account information.

[ Read cell phone's status and ID (READ_PHONE_STATE) ]
Inquire the device information for the advertising services provided within the customer interaction and game. (Manufacturer, model, OS version, etc.)

[ The approximate location (network-based) (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION) ]
Use the network/wifi information to provide the advertisement in one of the advertising services because items can be obtained free of charge after seeing it.

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Keagan Bauch

Ekkorr is probably one of the best developers I've seen. One year later and I haven't changed my mind. You can pay to get some help, but it isn't what will make you better. This is a great game that escaped from the pay-to-win and managed to be a competitive and fun game. The developers care a lot about the players. The game is probably the best \"idle\" (the game is much more than that really) thanks to these guys. Great game, amazing developers.

Hilma Kunze

The best game on the Google Play Store. Easily the most generous game developer out there. They give out tons of resources all the time. Normally I don't IAP but when a game developer is this generous I can't help but support them. Like the title says this game is truly endless. New player to this game I strongly recommend that you go to the endless frontier reddit page. There is plenty of people who can help you with any questions and get you on the right path.

Prof. Royce Toy DVM

This is really the best idle rpg ive ever played. I am not a loyal gamer, but this game has me hooked up. The game is not paid to win as the developers always give out free gems (just a lil more grind than paid players). This game satisfies my desire of collection with 4 different aspects which we can collect stuff in. Grinding everyday and actually see the result affecting your gameplay is awesome!

Prof. Jimmy Hills

I'm giving it 5 stars because the game is awesome. Simple to play, yet complex enough to keep you engaged. In-game purchases are quite generous and don't make you feel like the developer is greedy. F2P players will discover that game progress isn't dependent on purchases unlike many other free games, though the purchases help to progress a bit faster. Generous free gifts are given frequently. Wonderful tech support. Issues and bugs are addressed quickly and by the developer himself/herself.

Estelle Ruecker

this game is great but what really makes it shine is the way the devs seem to actually care about the playerbase. There is no massive paywall and the game feels rewarding long after you start playing. there are many games like this on the market but this one just does it all right.

Randi Gusikowski

This game is amazing in every way, only problem I have is with the way you show adds, the chests in the game don't give you any reason to watch the add. the chest gives you 20 gems which is like nothing, I think you should make it so that, each enemy has a 5% chance to drop 1-5 gems, the chest that gives you gems normaly gives you 1-5, if it gave you 10-20 then it might have some value, the adds should give you 100, or at least 50. The only reason I watch adds is to support the game as I love it

Mrs. Antonetta Dickens I

Black screen is back again!! Can't even play the game! Normally, this game is awesome! Great way to pass the time on road trips and keeps getting better as you start to move up in ranks. 10/10 would reccomend!

Prof. Liliane Reichert

Can't even lunch right now. Played this game a while ago and really enjoyed it. Decided to download it again and now it gives me a login error on lunch (while trying to load the 8th asset). clicking confirm presents me with the exact same error message within half a second later... Real shame, because I really liked the game back when I was playing it. Would like to play it again. Trying to play on Xiaomi Mi A2 lite, android 9, Jan 5th security update.

Era Maggio II

game saves are all out of wack. i have game saves ive spent money on but somehow my saves dont exist anymore. i am uninstalling this game and extremely dissapointed. i want my money back!!!

Cristian Lindgren

this game was awesome . i enjoyed every bit of it. key word ENJOYED. i tried to sign back in today after playing it about a week or so. And all of the sudden the I cant even pass the loading screen , I tried closing the app and signing back in , I also tried to uninstall the game but it didn't work . I would like to give this game a 5 star but I cant even play it nor am i gonna restart back to square one. it was fun glad I didn't purchase the in game apps 🤗😂