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Package Name: com.prineside.tdi

Developer: Prineside

Category: Free Strategy Games

Publish Date:

Version: 0.53

Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: 12M

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Infinitode Screenshot
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Meet the first mobile Infinite Tower Defense, where you can build more than a thousand towers at the same time!

Вuild different types of towers to defend your base from the crowds of enemies, unlock new levels and hundreds of global upgrades, try to get to the higher wave!

Game features:
- Huge level maps for up to 1,024 tiles!
- Map editor
- Hundreds of different global upgrades that constantly affect each game!
- Every level is endless, higher enemy waves give more prizes
- Tower tiles have bonuses for different tower characteristics
- Made in the best traditions of Tower Defense genre
- Completely free - everything can be unlocked and upgraded using in-game currency, which is given after each game

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  • 6 hours ago Star_076


  • 2 days ago MrMinion YT

    i love this game since i moved to infinitode 2

  • 3 days ago Owen Reyes


  • 4 days ago Timothy Florek

    Amazing tower defense game. I wish the bosses weren't so impossibly strong, but maybe I've just gotta figure out a better strategy. I've reached wave 1500, but that's when I run out of life to the final super boss I cannot kill. Originally they'd kill me by 500/600, and every game I make it another 100 waves, but I wish there was a better answer to those super bosses. Other than that, amazing game! (Appears like stun towers only work once per creep, it'd be nice if they could work at least twice)

  • 5 days ago Vaughn Sigfred Vinluan

    Good Game.

  • 1 week ago Ginanjar Nugraha


  • 1 week ago Kusane Hexaku

    A great passtime for offline moments.

  • 1 week ago yetyman34

    this was a great game. and its apparent simplicity helped me feel motivated to work on my own games too

  • 1 week ago Marcus Hair

    A fun, simple time sink.

  • 1 week ago Ben The IT Guy

    Great tower defence, it has an upgrade tree that kind of gets you invested and then pulls the rug out from under you, forcing you to gind to upgrade towers for progression or to simply pay your way through. I started really ebjoying the sbiper towers but one or two upgrades in and you realise its anv impossible grind at low levels, i ended up investing in the starting turrents and using \"secret codes\" data mined on the internet i was able to progress passed the majority of the grind hump.