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A mouse that runs in your phone and eats cheese. This is an excellent game for your cat!

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Ron Braun

My cats love this mouse. It would be really great if it had an option to change the background to other colors or maybe a wooden background or something so it doesn't blind the cats as they stare into it. Also maybe if the mouse didn't make as much noise, just a tiny bit less noise. It's like the mouse is on meth. Great app though. I also love your other apps, especially hammer and Russian roulette and chainsaw. lmao. Thank you!

Uriel Sawayn MD

There is a basic white screen and a mouse that goes around in different angles and then stops. If the cats paw doesn't hit it just right the stupid game does nothing. You have to keep helping it by touching it yourself to get it to start moving again. The calibration is too precise for a cat to have to hit it exactly on a spot, which makes it a waste of time.

Joanne Murazik

Tried a couple other 'cat games' and my kitties didn't seem too interested. This one I eventually had to take my phone away before they scratched the screen! 😅 Definitely going to download this on an old tablet idc about for them!

Dr. Catharine Kirlin

5 million installs for this!??!?!?!!? Its literally nothing, just a rubbish mouse image bouncing off walls, with a bit of cheese to feed it. Literally nothing to see here. Uninstalled. Also, watchout for the interstitial ad at the start. Very cheeky.

Marty Mann

2 eight week old kittens certainly loved this game. They fought over who got to catch the mouse. It was super funny to watch!

Lyric Hegmann II

Oh my goodness, my Cat adores this game, he loves this game I had 2 take from him for a little while cuz he was scratching my screen.😀

Miss Lina Kertzmann MD

The only thing I dislike is the fact that I can't hide the home button during play, so my kitty ends up exiting out of the game 😕.

Ova Walker DDS

My cat loves to watch the mouse, but the constant squeaking is a bit much. It would good to have it some times not all the time.

Dr. Derek Boyle II

my cats love playing on thier tablet . I say thier tablet because my maine coon kitten broke my phone screen trying to catch the mouse lol. So my phone is now off limits.

Dallas Gottlieb

this game is amazing, all you haters don't know good content when you see it, 5 out of 5.