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Download Crazy Hoverboard apk for free.

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Crazy Hoverboard

Come play the hottest new Hoverboard game Crazy Hoverboard! Use your fingers to simulate and guide your hoverboard past street obstacles.

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Russel Spencer

Rubbish game,it is a waste of time. The hoverboard goes to fast. There are so many obstacles that there is no place to go

Dante Waters

Absolutely rubbish waste of time literally it goes too fast and there's too much obstacles you literally have no space to go just promise me you won't get this game

Scot Shields

When I try to do it in like just did something in like it's so freaking annoying and like how like when it crashes you don't even give us like two or three warnings like you just go boom and then I could just crash it's like who does

Brando Gusikowski I

Just a waste of time everybody else has you not to get this game it's just a waste of time anytime I try to do something or try to go over it don't even recognize it just save your time save your WiFi save your daughter please don't get this game and save your room

Nels Bednar

I hate it when it says watch add for £20 it don't work its for hard so fast and when I was nearly at the end an add popped up in the middle of my screan and I died

Helene Dibbert

When you wanna watch a ad for $20 for some odd reason it pulls up another add and when u click off u dont get the $20.

Emanuel Fritsch

I hate this game it is no space at all should be deleted from Google play \nnobody should download it in the pictures they make it look like you have \nspace but when you play there is no space

Jordan Emard

When I tried to turn an ad just popped up and it made me die what a waste of my time

Fernando Hansen

It stinks because you cant pass eny thing there should be esy then hard

Mervin Morissette

I need it to slow down I haven't even got past five seconds of it

  • Author
  • Publish date
    Feb. 13, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 11 and above
  • File Size
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