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Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji apk

Download Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji apk for free.

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji apk icon

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

Bitmoji is your own personal emoji.

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat

Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji – 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Ms. Queenie Wiegand

I really love Bitmojis because they are fun and funny. They have significant diversity in many aspects of personalizing the characters. My only complaint is lack of body size options. All of them are thin except one and the size variation is not very noticeable in the smaller sizes. If they add in more body shapes and sizes, I would gladly change my 4-star rating to a 5!

Prof. Eduardo Romaguera III

I don't usually give ratings or write reviews unless I feel it's needed. I'm giving a 3-star rating because it would be nice to be able to mix-and-match outfits, having more variety in all categories (clothes, accessories, etc) as well as maybe more bitmoji selfie selections. Will change if updates happen.

Ms. Alene McClure

UPDATE: Uninstalled and reinstalled, working fine now. Changed star rating to reflect app usage. The update that just occurred (Feb 4, 2018) has done something weird. I typically use this app directly in Android Messages without any issue. However, after the update, when I tap the Bitmoji tab on Gboard, it asks me to set up in Bitmoji. Okay, so I tap to set up in Bitmoji using the Gboard wizard and it just loops me back to Gboard and telling me to set up in Bitmoji . . . not cool 😫

Jadon Schowalter

I only have one small complaint on this and I dont know if it is only me who has realised this but this app only seems to allow one avatar to be made. You can edit it but if you want to send someone a past emoji that has now been edited you can't, you have to send there and then or before you edit it to create a new one. Otherwise this game is the ultimate best ashwell as a few more. All in all this app is brilliant and I totally recommend it @

Dr. Jaylon Grant

I like it so far as I'm still in a learn curve. However, I wish there were more hair options for the hair and beard color and style. I'm in the salt and pepper category I also have a goatee and a mustache but not a VanDyke and a TWA (teenie weenie Afro). The options available don't give the close to mirror image of me, as I'm a little older and not in the 20 club no more. But beyond, I like what I see. I hope to finish and get this avatar right.

Orrin Hegmann DDS

Cool Snapchat add-on, but you REALLY need to let us mix-and-match and choose our own colors for clothes. A lot of these color schemes for shirts/jackets and jeans are dumb as hell. I'll give five stars if you give us that much needed feature.

Brooklyn Ortiz V

Cute personalized emojis. A variety of options when creating [skin tones are plenty]. Wardrobe updates often. A vast amount of emoji expressions ranging from \"big mood\" to \"trololol\". Only personal issue is not being able to customize outfits. All clothing options are preset. If this ever changes and becomes available, this would be perfect.

Alessia Breitenberg

i gave it four bcuz you only can change the outfits by all, instead of having trousers separete or tops and its quite hard to find how i wanna dress as. apart from that it is a great and fun app cuz i use mine as a profile pic. to any account av got. xx.o😘

Mr. Emerald Nader IV

Temporary panic when I updated from my S8+ to Note9.. had to reinstall, only to find the Avatar had changed! EEK! I didn't know you could change it in the your right force 3 dots to pull up styles. I wanted the bitstrip styles. wahlah! after tweaks, there she is! thank God. I adore this app. crisis averted!

Kallie Larson

i love every about this. i wish hair was more customizable. like divide the into 3 sections- left top right - pick shape : bob, a line, taper, blunt. next pick length_ bald, buzzed, short, shoulder, elbow, waist. then. texture- straight, wavy,curly, kinky, braid, dreds. finally color 1 or 2 tones horizontal or vertical.