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Make transit trips in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area as mobile as you are with the official Metro Transit app. Now you can plan your trip, see departure information for bus and trains, and buy transit tickets all on the go! Just download the free app, create an account with your method of payment, and get moving.

The Metro Transit app is a tool to make riding the bus, METRO system and Northstar in Twin Cities a little bit easier. After you’ve identified your desired trip and transit departure time, you can buy and use Metro mobile tickets right from your smartphone -- it’s like having a Metro vending machine right in your pocket!

Find the right bus, light rail, or train for you through the Trip Planner
See the next available bus, light rail, or train for your desired trip with Next Trip
Pay a single fare or multiple fares for a group of riders, and store multiple tickets on your phone for future use.
Simply create an account and enter your credit/debit card information in our secure system.
If looking to pay with cash, you can use a pre-paid debit card or use the PayPal Cash Card.

2. SELECT RIDER TYPE: Adult, Youth/Senior/Medicare, Mobility, Family
3. SELECT: Station for Northstar or time based fare for Bus/METRO
3. CHOOSE QUANTITY: You can buy multiple tickets to use later. (A $4.50 minimum purchase is required.)
4. CHECKOUT: Pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal

Do I need to be connected?
An internet connection is required create an account, sign-in and purchase tickets, but you can use/activate your tickets offline.
What if my battery dies?
Just like with paper tickets, you're responsible for making sure you have a valid fare at all times, so be sure to plan ahead!

• Don't uninstall the Metro Transit app or erase your phone without transferring your unused tickets first. Your tickets are stored on your phone (which makes it possible to use them without an internet connection), so uninstalling the app can permanently erase your tickets!
• Activate your ticket when you see your bus or train approaching. Your ticket must be activated before boarding a vehicle.
• Watch your battery level... Just like with paper tickets, you're responsible for making sure you have a valid fare at all times.

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Selmer Kirlin

Horrible app. Obviously made by someone who doesn't ever ride the bus. So convoluted and overly complex. PLEASE BRING BACK THE STAND ALONE NEXTRIP APP. It was simple and worked, punch in your stop number \u0026 everything coming to that stop is there. This app is a Cluster f\u0026$#.... Horrible. Just use paper schedules \u0026 pray is a better solution than downloading this monstrous garbage!!!

Juliana Brekke

This is a great app, don't listen to the bad reviews. The purpose of this app is so you can buy bus and train tickets on your phone with a credit/debit card and is Handy for those who don't carry cash. The trip planner doesn't work as well but it's the same as the website.

Hobart Bayer

Right off the bat: as the app rejects the password I'm trying to make, it doesn't tell me what qualifies as a valid password. Who designed this?!

Katlyn Willms

Absolutely abysmal... there was better GPS tracking in 1995 than what they use for this app. The boards outside the stops are never right either. Such a nightmare

Scotty Wisoky

it seems as though the people giving low reviews are simply just stupid. The app isn't that complex. set up is a bitnof a pain but it's really easy to manage and has been very useful in getting me to and from work.

Aron Hintz

Don't rely on the app if you really need tickets or reliable information. \nNearly missed a bus because my ticket wouldn't pull up quickly enough. Then \nit said the next bus arrived in 12 minutes, and then I see the bus blow \nstraight by.

Federico Marks

How do you navigate the \"detailed route map\"? Able to zoom but not pan? Typical Metro Transit garbage.

Dock Deckow

Is there a more idiotic and useless way to design this app? You can't even save your goto card serial number!

Jackeline Cummerata

It was easy to buy a ticket. Only thing i suggest is use the transit app for mn bus and railway ride times. It is much more accurate.

Prof. Halle Thompson

Is it possible to purchase a day pass for a future day? If not I would like \nto suggest this as an option. Other then that real easy to use app

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    Metro Transit
  • Publish date
    Feb. 17, 2019
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    Android 16 and above
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