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Home Fantasy - Blast Cube to Design Dream House apk

Download Home Fantasy - Blast Cube to Design Dream House apk for free.

Home Fantasy - Blast Cube to Design Dream House apk icon

Home Fantasy - Blast Cube to Design Dream House

Home Fantasy combines creative match puzzles and beautiful home design gameplays! You get the double fun of cube blasting😆 and dream house🏘 decorating in the game!

You don’t need a strong reason to play a creative, beautiful match game with super cool experiences. But you have one in Home Fantasy, as a famous home designer, you are invite you to show off your designer’s 🎨 talents and skills in furnishing and decorating.

💥It's time to play new tricks in match puzzles and get rewarded with double fun. 🔥

Beat the cube blast game, the match levels of various decoration elements, and defend the glory of the top-class design. Help people realize their dream.

Modern, fashion, classic, literary, austere, rich and noble, whatever, listen to their story, bring warmth and comfort to them by tailoring the variety of options!

🔥Tons of engaging, cunning and exciting puzzles of match levels
🔥Plenty of color cube elements 💟 with a variety of changing gameplays
🔥Numerous and featured boosts with explosive combinations and pow experiences
🔥Dozens of home decorations 🛏 tasks and design assignment to unlock
🔥Characteristic and abundant decoration 📺 slots of every room and house🏡
🔥Unique and stylish options of furniture 🚪🛋 and home decoration 🖼 accessories
🔥Frequent and continuous updates of game contents
🔥Offline support, play anywhere, anytime 💫
🔥Multiple ways to get rewards and boosts
🔥Sync your game profile easily on different devices

The best in the game 🎮 is that you can tap to crush dozens of different match elements and never get bored. All the levels are easy and fun to play but challenging to master. The cartoon puzzle style cubes and boosts are well designed with fine art and smart match puzzles.

You can create tons of powerful boosts, make magic combos to blast and crush the crafty match levels. Think carefully about the strategies when blast the cubes of the furniture accessories, especially those puzzles with tricky traps and obstacles. It brings you strong blasting feelings when blast the color cubes by solving the match puzzles derived from those whacky elfin furniture.

Accept the decoration assignment! Earn coins from the match puzzles to customize the rooms with a variety of decorations and furniture, enjoy the unique style of every house and the absorbing story of the hosts. With the beautiful and grace decor, transform their dream to reality!

From the living room to the bedroom, bathroom, dining hall, library, balcony, loft and gardens, design home with your artist inspiration, give the old room a completely makeover to bring new birth and spirit to different families! Everything is under your control, come and roll up your sleeves, let’s rock the dreams and home design!

▶️Start to crush and blast the match puzzle levels!
▶️Start to craft the house with magical home design ideas and create miracles!
▶️Start to win the glories and joy from your clients’ praise and appreciation!
▶️Start to help people escape from heavy work and enjoy life with the cozy room designed by you!

No time to waste! Come on and download the game now!

We welcome all the comments, feedbacks, suggestions and ideas! Please feel free to contact us. Let’s make the game together!

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Lisa Hartmann Jr.

Just discovered the game maybe a week ago, and really enjoy it. But now whenever I try to play the next level it shuts down and returns me to my tablets home screen. Uninststalling and reinstalling didn't help. Can this be fixed?

Johann Lynch

everytime I finish a level the game crashes and kicks me out. and now it wont even let me back in the game. it says that the app has stopped. sucks cause I really like this game

Antonio Schumm

I was having problems where I wasn't getting coins that I purchased, but I messaged the games help email and they were able to give me my coins. this is a very enjoyable game

Dr. Warren Homenick PhD

This is a great game. I'm just tired of being asked to rate this game. If I didn't like it I wouldn't be playing this game.

Kyle Conn

Found the UPDATE thank u for fixing! Love this game, it's AMAZING! Ok so there was just another update and now game won't play. I really love this game so plz fix it again

Imani Kemmer

great game. I play it a lot and get lost in the game

Dedric Emmerich

The \"information\" collected as part of the terms of service is not acceptable and is very extensive compared to other similar games. Outrageous! Uninstalled immediately

Dr. Jerald Hettinger

pissed... I have tried to email the address that is given and it won't allow me to.. if you want a good review then you need to somehow get back to me!

Tyrique Rogahn

I love this one app because of the graphics, just wish it was a little more faster then now on loading the game and/or levels.

Lonnie Jacobson

This is a really good game I enjoy playing it and it's a lot of fun. I recommend you downloading it giving it a try and see how well you like it. Because I love it it's a good game.