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bikini trends 2018

Happy international bikini day! Yup, right today, July 5, is an international bikini day celebration. From one-piece swimwear to g-strings, from triangle to bandeau models, these swimwear trends continue to change from time to time. What is the development trend? Consider the changes since the early 1900s until now.

Early 1900s
Initially women use closed clothes when to the beach. But in the 1920s, women began to dare to appear more open by showing the arms and shoulders.
Women began to dare to look more minimal with one-piece swimwear slim fit pieces. This style had become controversial at that time.
Began to appear two-pieces bikini that showcased the stomach. This pin up style uses high waisted subordinates and 'full' breast cover tops, according to the bra style of the day.
One-piece swimwear back on the leaves with a classic retro style. Appear also swimwear with strapless model that show off the shoulder.
Two-pieces bikinis come back, but with a lower waist line than before so the navel will be visible.
Bikini style more sexy because of the smaller bra, and the bottom that comes with a sexy cut high.
The emergence of the Baywatch series in the late 80s made a swimsuit that exposes the hips to a rising height. Not only looks sexy, this piece also makes the user's legs look longer.
Tankini became one of the favorite swimwear models of the time. The model is similar to a one-piece swimsuit, but is easier to use because it consists of two pieces; tops like a tank top and subordinates like panties.
Swimwear start ogled at designers who dare to experiment with unique cutting so that the model becomes more varied.

Currently the bikini trend is increasingly varied. You can use any style of 30s, 50s, or styles that match your body shape. What kind of swimwear or bikini model do you have today?

Impressive impression is implied through the display of clothing that is packed into two options. A swimsuit canal that forms a curve, or a bikini with a bright color game. A unique blend of silhouette swimwear with accessory elements to inject a refreshing aura when vacationing in a tropical destination
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