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《知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦(全集) 》赵丽颖、冯绍峰主演,一个封建礼教制度下的女性奋斗传奇。

微信读书官方QQ:2301684044Apps that people who love to read are using, why?
The length of the book can be exchanged for the book currency, and the free unlimited membership card is free to read the whole week; free permanent books are given; free gifts are available for free.
【Exclusive debut】
Exclusively serialized Jiangnan's life series "Dragon V: Return of the Dead", Jiangnan's full range of e-books are exclusively available!
"Galaxy Hero Legend" "100 Years of Solitude" exclusive release!
The Reading Group is the exclusive provider of literary content.
[The original film and television]
"Golden Dragonfly" Zhang Yixing starred, an ordinary boy against the life of the treasure record.
"East House" Chen Xingxu, Peng Xiaoyu starring, romance, I am thinking of the most classic true love swan song.
"Anqing Xiangxi" starring Pan Yueming and Gao Weiguang, adapted from the series of adventure suspense series of "Ghost Blowing Lights".
"Do you know? Do you know? Should be the green fat red thin (complete works) "Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng starring, a female struggle legend under the feudal ethics system.
"The Antique Bureau of the Central Bureau (The Complete Works)" starring Xia Yu and Qiao Zhenyu, reasoning suspense novels.
[popular webpage]
"The wilderness", "Meng Bao strikes: the president slams the heavens", "the strongest soldier", "the school's close-fitting master" and other popular novels are waiting for you to read.
[Boutique Book]
"Dream of Red Mansions", "Jin Ping Mei", "Those Things in the Ming Dynasty", "Ghost Blowing Lights", "Miao Jiang Anecdotes", "Tomb Notes", "Maoshan Ghosts" and other high-quality books to help you release your eyes.
[Interactive Fiction]
Wonderful interactive novels give you real experience scenarios, letting you enter the book and experience their life legends with the protagonist.
[Fantastic comics]
A new launch of many popular countries, hot and serial.
The ultra-wet WeChat reading infinite card membership benefits are hot, only 19 yuan per month, you can enjoy the benefits of membership, a lot of exciting activities every week to win unlimited cards, but also team draw. Not only can you read the best-quality books, comics, and lectures for free, but you can also buy a full-length online novel at 20% off.
High-quality content includes: Liu Cixin, "Three-body", "Wandering Earth",
Liu Tong, "Don’t be the lost migratory bird,"
Hao Jingfang, "The Other Side of Man"
, Iwai Shunji "Love Letter", Yuval Hralli "A Brief History of Humanity"
"Ghost Economics" recommended by Bill Gates
Murakami Haruki, Higashino Keigo, "White Nights" and other works
San Mao's "The Story of Sahara"
Zhang Ailing's series "Red Rose and White Rose"
Qian Zhongshu's classic work "The Besieged City"
Known as the "Harry Potter of the East", the "Dragon" series of Jiangnan classics "Kyushu" and other exciting content are all free.

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