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Age of Emperors

The future of the world is counting on you! Risen from a dark age, our people suffered a great loss under the tyrannical regime of the evil tyrants. As a great leader, it is your job to ease their pain and give them a peace world to prosper, even if the cost is countless lives during the revolt!

Game Features:
✔ Huge Map: The game map is so big as to allow you to send armies anywhere at your command!
✔ Multiple Resources: Countless treasures and resources are scattered on the map, alluring you to the harvest.
✔ Exquisite Animations: No matter which interface you are in, you can find delicate animations and icons everywhere to make the game a more aesthetically pleasing experience!
✔ Artistic Advantage: Wherever you are located, whether on the map or a city, the artistic landscape consisting of mountains, water and forests are a soothing pleasure to rest your eyes on;
✔ Easy Operation: The game is totally user-friendly, you can master the game in 1 day, wage wars in 3 days and reach the maximum level in 7 days.
✔ Abundant Rewards: Complete each quest to receive plenty of rewards, amassing a big fortune with little effort.
✔ Global Server: Share your pain and joy in Age of Emperors with players worldwide;
✔ Guild War: Friendly and active guilds allow you to feel the charm of guild cooperation;
✔ Unit Variation: Build your army with a variety of unit combinations and lead them into battle;
✔ Technology Research: The diversity of technology allows you to boost all aspects of the economy, military and strategy, making your army more formidable.
✔ Battle Variety: Vent out your passion, participating in guild/PVP/PVE battles for victory and glory;
✔ Market Economy: Age of Emperors has a unique market system where you can find whatever goods you want;
✔ Free Download: Age of Emperors is a free-to-download game with a small portion of high-value services requiring in-game purchase. Players who don't want to make purchases can still enjoy the majority of features within the game.

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Eldon Zemlak

crappy game. its has some of the age of empires items and sound in it..that was created by microsoft. like others have said here..the boats, the builders, few other things...the sound for when you tap on the hospital. its the same sound as the church in aoe. lot like that.. and i dont need the makers of the game to reply. i know ya took MS AOE stuff for yourself.

Iliana Lindgren

crappy looking clash style game with AOE skin and sound. A lot to understand. I like age of empires, one of the most played games of my childhood. This is not the same at all.

Noemi Schmitt

This game has been hacked, players are growing at crazy rates(many of these players never spent money in game in the past and now are all the sudden passing players who have)they are not even in charge events showing they have bought anything. Devs stopped fixing the games big issues. But continue to make new events. SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!

Dorthy Brekke

I haven't even played the game and I gave it a one star. It looks cool and I've played it on Microsoft but when it loads, it only loads until 51 ????

Eldon Greenholt

The disadvantages of the game are 1- the screen is vertical ! 2- Do not support Arabic .

Miss Maureen Wuckert Sr.

i have used anti scout 7 days and 24 hrs protection research and still i was scouted and attacked on 1st day itself after 6 hrs while i didnt open my game

Rick Bruen

dear developers pleas make a port key so that we kan move around from k to k tis game is geting very boring now spice it up a bit let us move freely and ply en eny k wee want pleas or make a port kay for 9.99 usd that you kan only bay and let us relokate to other k sensearly hunting k8 and wer not geting rewards fix it pleas

Zelda Wehner

bad game it does nt load above 51 very very bad game

Waylon Rippin

This game seems to be like a fake. It's not working.

Lesley Brakus

The game is kinda laggy