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Package Name: com.asmodeedigital.onirim

Developer: Asmodee Digital

Category: Free Board Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.4.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 66M

Onirim - Solitaire Card Game Screenshot
Onirim - Solitaire Card Game Screenshot
Onirim - Solitaire Card Game Screenshot
Onirim - Solitaire Card Game Screenshot
Onirim - Solitaire Card Game Screenshot

Onirim - Solitaire Card Game

A Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee, Onirim is a card game where you play as a Dreamwalker, lost in a mysterious labyrinth, and you must discover the oneiric doors before your dreamtime runs out - or you will remain trapped forever!

Wander through the chambers of dreams, hoping that chance will reveal the doors, or linger in each type of room. In either case, you will have to deal with the slithering Nightmares which haunt the hallways of the labyrinth.

Onirim is a solitaire card game. You must work against the game to gather the eight oneiric doors before the deck runs out. You can obtain door cards either by playing cards of the same color three turns in a row or by discarding one of your powerful key cards when a door appears from the deck. In both cases, you will have to decide the best use of each card in your hand and carefully play around the Nightmares. Those cards are hidden in the deck and will trigger painful dilemmas when drawn.

In addition to the exciting solo mode, players will enjoy the intuitive user interface, automated deck management, and stats to track their progress and successes against the game!

Onirim includes:
• Shadi Torbey's base Onirim game in solitaire mode
• 2 expansions: The Glyphs (free) & Crossroads and Dead Ends ($0.99)
• Original artwork from the base game by Philippe Guerin and Elise Plessis, enhanced by animations
• Solo play
• Detailed, interactive, turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial
• Scoring sytem with global leaderboard
• Offline stats record so you can track your progress
• Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

***One of my favorite solitaire games! - Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

For more information, please visit: http://asmodee-digital.com/onirim
Having an issue? Looking for support? Please contact us at https://asmodee.helpshift.com/a/onirim/

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  • user Shatrunjay apkdeer profile image
    2 days ago Shatrunjay

    Quite simple and easy to understand but at the same time also has quite a bit of depth.

  • user Juan Miranda apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Juan Miranda

    Fantastic game, looks great, but the \"drag to\" ability sometimes just doesn't work. For example, it might take a dozen tries to drag to discard and sometimes it still never work and you'll have to quit a game.

  • user Richard Deans apkdeer profile image
    4 days ago Richard Deans

    brilliant version of the game

  • user Astitav Sharma apkdeer profile image
    5 days ago Astitav Sharma

    boring and tutorial was quite lengthy 😒

  • user Gordon Scott apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Gordon Scott

    Very fun and free!

  • user Nik Lokensgaard apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Nik Lokensgaard

    watch out, its addictive! super fun solo game

  • user Moses Jimenez apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Moses Jimenez

    good game but please have the lost book expansion on there

  • user Chad Gormly apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Chad Gormly

    A very good solo game. In my first 10 games, I only won twice. So it can be challenging, and I like that.

  • user Jose Guillen apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Jose Guillen

    fun little game

  • user Anders Dator Felix Dator apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Anders Dator Felix Dator

    well-designed little solitare card game