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Package Name: com.havos.wordsearch

Developer: Havos Ltd

Category: Free Word Games

Publish Date:

Version: 2.6

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 9.0M

Word Search Ultimate Screenshot
Word Search Ultimate Screenshot
Word Search Ultimate Screenshot
Word Search Ultimate Screenshot
Word Search Ultimate Screenshot

Word Search Ultimate

This is by far the most flexible word search app on the market. Multiple configuration options create a game that exactly corresponds to your device and your expertise.
Play with an English word list or choose one of 23 other languages.
Designed for fun games from the smallest mobile phones up to the largest tablets.
Bored of seeing the same words appear repeatedly? Frustrated at looking for bizarre words that are not even English? Struggled with grids that are inappropriate for your device or difficult to read? Word Search Ultimate solves all these problems.

You can configure:

1) Grid size
Specify exactly how many columns and rows to use (from 3 to 20). Even non square grids (e.g. 12x15) are possible.
2) Screen layout
Choose how much screen space for the grid and how much for the word list, using our unique movable split bar.
3) Difficulty of the game
Specify approximate proportion of words that are written diagonally, backwards or vertically (e.g. allow no diagonal or backwards words, ideal for introducing children to Word Search).
4) Difficulty of the words
Specify the size of the dictionary to generate a game, from the 500 most common words (good for kids and language students), up to 80,000 words.
5) Maximum # of words
Choose the maximum number of words to find in one game, from 1 to 150. This will provide enough words to fill a 20x20 grid.
6) Minimum & Maximum word length
This helps avoid searching for many small words (a common problem in word apps). Also useful for specifying really difficult games (e.g. set both minimum and maximum word length to three).
7) Highlighting
Mark the already found words, or keep the grid unmarked and easy to read.
8) Word list layout
The word list can be arranged in columns for easy reading, or close to each other to minimize screen space.
9) Language
Choose the language of the word list, from a large range of downloadable dictionaries. 24 languages are currently available (see below).
10) Orientation
Can be played in portrait or landscape mode. Just rotate your device and the display adjusts automatically.
11) Word categories
Choose the words to find from a range of categories; e.g. animals, food etc.

This app gives you the ultimate power to play the game just the way you want.

Each game is assigned a difficulty level from 0 (easy) to 9 (very hard). The difficulty level is determined by the settings. Each difficulty level maintains the high scores (measured by fastest time to complete the game). The game displays the best 20 scores for each difficulty level.
Compare your high scores with others around the world by using Google Play's "Game Services".

Other features unique to this app:

1) Two methods of selecting words: (i) the classic swipe (ii) by touching the first and last letter of the word from the grid.
2) Game aid if you are having difficulty. You can choose to reveal a word that you cannot find.
3) View the definition of the word from an online source (e.g. Wiktionary), optimized for viewing on a small screen.
4) When you play with a word list in a foreign language, the word definition will (where possible) be in your own language. This is great for language learning!

Additional Features planned for a future version of this app:

1) Blind mode. The word list is hidden. Instead you must find the words within the grid. Useful in combination with word categories.
2) Play against others.
3) Give us feedback on other features you would like to see.

Dictionaries available are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian(Latin), Serbian(Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and more coming later
Editor's Note

Word Search Ultimate has designed and announced by Havos Ltd. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Word Search Ultimate apk please check out our other applications from our website.


  • user arvis fletcher apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago arvis fletcher


  • user Caryn Milburn apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Caryn Milburn

    Enjoyed the small puzzles. Relaxing!

  • user Wendy Mulder apkdeer profile image
    6 days ago Wendy Mulder

    Love it. Most enjoyable.

  • user John Roberts apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago John Roberts

    Good selection of words I am still at the basic level

  • user Linda Glasgow apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Linda Glasgow

    You created an awesome word search. This app is the best there isn't another as good as this . It has everything layed out so well. It has helped me to relax Thank you.

  • user Guanita Wika apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Guanita Wika

    Always love a good word search game to keep brain active

  • user Wenry Pasaylo apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Wenry Pasaylo


  • user Simaran Prenoy apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Simaran Prenoy

    Simaran Prenoy approves!

  • user Dawn Passamichalis apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Dawn Passamichalis

    Seemed like the same words and puzzles, just in different spaces. Sometimes even in the same place I found it in the last puzzle.

  • user Setiawan Wijadi apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Setiawan Wijadi

    Superb game