Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker apk icon

Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker apk

Download Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker apk for free.

Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker apk icon

Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker

Imagine getting all your life together in one app where you can save your precious memories, document your journeys, plan your future, track your mood, and build your new habits.

Aim to be your life companion, Journal it! makes digital journaling secured, versatile, effortless, and motivated.

Journal it! doing so by providing you effortless-realtime-sync, a handy organizing system, a set of flexible planning tools, beautiful UI, and abilities that go beyond traditional diary, journaling, or bullet journal.

* Real-time sync across multiple Android devices
* Add unlimited photos to your diary
* Organize by stories (journeys)
* Organize by activities (gratitude journal, habit diary,…)
* More organization options: tags, categories, people, places
* Mood tracker
* Habit tracker
* Comment on old entries
* Notes and to-dos
* Templates
* End to end encryption
* Markdowns support
* Dark theme
* PDF export
* Highly interactive widgets
* Offline first, automatically sync when network available
* Export/import journal to your persistent storage
* Minimalistic, beautiful, and personalized UI
* Keep your diary private with fingerprint or password
* Import data from Journey, Day One Journal, and Diaro

Keep everything well-organized with Journeys and Activities
* Journeys are your stories (eg: a trip, a project,...). They have starts and ends
* Activities are your habits, rituals (eg: Gratitude Journal, Reading, Workout... ) that you keep doing
* Each topic has its own separated space
* Many other organizing options also available: tags, categories, people, places

By using journeys and activities, you can track hundreds of journaling subjects in the same place and still easy to manage. Starting a new entry can't be easier because there's no need to mention the context again and again.

Plan your future with to-dos and notes:
* Inspired by bullet journal, to-dos are highly flexible. You can schedule them base on week or month instead of date.
* Entries are for recording while notes are designed for planning and information
* Notes work best with a list. Plan your list and turn each item into to-dos.
* Powerful home screen widgets let you interact with to-dos and notes without opening the app.

Track your mood and habits:
* Easily review how your mood changes over each month
* There’re 5 ways to schedule a habit, each habit can take up to 5 input a day
* Check/uncheck habits from home screen widgets

Journal it! is free to use even with real-time sync. Subscribe to premium to have:
* Ads free
* Desktop app (Mac and Windows)
* End to end encryption
* Unlimited custom feelings
* Markdowns support
* Dark mode
* Comment
* Set reminders
* Insert photos between texts
* Unlock all home screen widgets
* Access Journal it! VIP community on Facebook where you can get quick support from us and the community

* Store text data on Google own real-time database service
* Store photos on your Google Drive storage’s App Data folder (hidden from your Google Drive interface, can only be accessed using Journal it!)
* Designed for offline first. Use the apps for days without internet, automatically sync when network available
* Focus on user experience: minimalistic and intuitive UI, easy and quick navigation
Contact us:
We’d love to hear feedback from you. Contact us on any channel and we'll get back to you within 1 business day. Follow our Instagram for weekly updates on development progress:
* Support email: [email protected]
* Facebook:
* Instagram:
* Facebook VIP Group: best support from us and the community, limited to subscribers only

Track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future. DOWNLOAD Journal it! now.

Editor's Note

Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker has designed and announced by de-studio. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Journal it! - Bullet Journal, Diary, Habit Tracker apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Prof. Mortimer Lockman Sr.

I just updated from free to lifetime version... ! Really Good job with this journal app, however, I wanted to know how to get the FLASHBACK notifications? Even though I have the notification active, I dont get notified on the flashback (this day, that year sort of) feature. I really like to revisit my past journal entries and flashback or such feature helps a lot in that... Please let me know on the same or if theres something I am doing wrong to fix it... Thanks and great job anyways with the app.... P.S. Five stars once the FLASHBACK feature is fixed :)

Dr. Vernon Torphy DDS

the most flexible journal app for android that I know. The developer is constantly updating and improving. Im coming for dayone (ios) while not as pretty its definatly catching up and even surpased some areas in features.

Tomasa Lynch

I like the app, but have had a ton of issues with the app working on my tablet as well as my desktop. Would give it 5 stars when the bugs get worked out.

Mrs. Isabel Satterfield

By far the best journing program I've ever used, and I've tried too many to count as a lifelong journaler. I love how you can keep track of individual goals (\"journeys\"), habits \u0026 passions (\"activities\"). I also love how sleek it looks when you add photos to entries. HIGHLY recommended!

Emile O'Connell

Habit tracker: needs more slots [in a day {at least 20}]. Option to sort out habits and to-do's manually. Incredibly useful, well designed app. 🔥👍🔥Defitnely worth subscribing.

Adrian Parker MD

I love this app. I can create my own templates. I wish it was more explanatory. There are so many features it's not easy but please dont take them away.

Dr. Norbert Hegmann DVM

Journsl it! has been a good place to copy and paste my content so that i can look at the whole message before sending it. Would prefer more personalizations and different ways to organize my own content, i dont usually prefer anything with already set categories.

Emmie Hyatt

Loving it so far. I love all aspects if this journal, it really helps with localised organisation. Would be wonderful having an interactive calendar feature, I still need to use a separate calendar app to enter events, birthdays, meetings etc. Would be good to not have to switch apps. Also more bulleting features, not just dots but numbers, abc, and sub-bulleting. That is a key component in journaling and note taking.

Prof. Curtis Douglas II

o love the many options this app offers. i love me an awesome list of anything, tbh...this amplifies my various notes..lists..i have rambling around in my it

Matteo Strosin

I like the Journal It! app but it has quite a few errors. Also I need instructions to navigate it.