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Package Name: com.herschend.halooutpost

Developer: Herschend Live, LLC

Category: Free Events Apps

Publish Date:


Requirements: Android 22 and above

File Size: 76M

Halo: Outpost Screenshot
Halo: Outpost Screenshot
Halo: Outpost Screenshot
Halo: Outpost Screenshot
Halo: Outpost Screenshot

Halo: Outpost

The official Halo: Outpost Discovery app is essential for getting the most from your experience at Halo’s new traveling fan event! Immerse yourself in the Halo universe by discovering inside information, tackling exclusive challenges, and earning rewards. You can also use this app to navigate the Outpost’s schedule, attractions, and vendors with ease – all from your mobile device!
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  • user Audax Willian apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Audax Willian

    It is very good

  • user Alessandro Console apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Alessandro Console

    I enjoyed the idea of tracking your progress and scavenger hunt, but I wish the app didn't crash so often.

  • user DarkSteele apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago DarkSteele

    took my code, kicked me out, then says my code is now invalid

  • user john bob apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago john bob

    Fantastic idea.... Buuuuut. It freeezes and crashes like crazy and scanner never worked for me and that is very sad for me cause i am a very big halo fan. Missing out on scanning has you miss out on interactive things and collectibles. But if it were to be severely simplified and scanning was not needed for unlocking collectibles, as one of the attractions did by scanning your badge and it saves that info into your app without the app ever opening. So why not use the badge for every unlockable?

  • user D Spenrath apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago D Spenrath

    still needs tweaking as not all experience rewards load correctly

  • user James Schultz apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago James Schultz

    Some of the ARG stuff is still jittery on my end.

  • user TheDirtyGunman apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago TheDirtyGunman

    I used it for the Chicago event and by then, most major issues seemed to be fixed. The scanner that you use to find some of the hidden stuff did not work well at all and it lacks push notifications to let you know when events are getting ready to happen so you don't miss them. Other than that, I didn't have any issues that I know some people at the Chicago event had, so your mileage will vary depending on your phone. I use the Galaxy S9+.

  • user Katie Savoy apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Katie Savoy

    Was really cool getting to see all of the VR stuff and the embedded videos that would play but none of the activity scores loaded i.e. combat deck, target practice. Was only able to get my bronze dog tag because of this. -Chicago Outpost.

  • user Kerry Studnicki apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Kerry Studnicki

    Impossible to download on site. A heads up to download this ahead of time would have been great. No descriptions for experiences. Waste of time. Extremely disappointed. Some cool things, but too poorly organized.

  • user Jason Siler apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Jason Siler

    the app isnt working on the big picture scans