StressScan: heart rate monitoring and stress test apk icon

StressScan: heart rate monitoring and stress test apk

Download StressScan: heart rate monitoring and stress test apk for free.

StressScan: heart rate monitoring and stress test apk icon

StressScan: heart rate monitoring and stress test

Just place a finger over the camera for two minutes, and StressScan will analyze changes in your heart rate interval and scientifically measure the level of your mental and physical stress on a scale of 1 to 100.

- What is the principle behind StressScan? −
Many of the functions essential to maintaining human health are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. It is medically recognized that the balance of the autonomic nervous system can become disordered through fatigue and other stress, stemming from causes such as work and human relationships. By analyzing the waveform of your heartbeat as measured at the fingertip, StressScan can analyze the balance of your autonomic nervous system and measure your stress level on a stress index of 1 to 100.

- You can trust Stress Scan! -
The technology used by Stress Scan is based on heart rate variability analysis, which is widely recognized in the field of heart rate analysis and autonomic nervous system research.
Although heart rate variability analysis technology is not yet generally well known, many medical institutions and companies have taken an interest and are beginning to put it to use. The technology is seeing use even at the cutting edge of stress care, including adoption by the US military to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in soldiers returning from the battlefield, and by NASA for astronaut training and health management.

- Usable in a range of scenarios! -
· Periodic checking of daily stress level
· Checking the effects of favorite meals and drinks on stress
· Checking relaxation while traveling or at a favorite spot

- Device compatibility -
StressScan is intended for use with a camera- and flash-equipped smartphone. It is not usable with devices that do not have a camera and flash.

- Usage environment -
An Internet connection is required to use StressScan. External support for measurement functions is used for complex stress analysis.

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Merle Heidenreich PhD

StressScan has been very helpful in keeping track of my blood pressure and Stress level! y'all should really seriously consider giving StressScan a try, you won't be sorry!

Asia Macejkovic Jr.

You seriously expect me to scroll one month at a time back to my birthdate? \nStress level of 1/100 when I know I'm stressed? Useless

Henriette Waters

I think it is very far off when it says that I am always very stressed. I am not that stressed, but it has never said that I was below 70/100 stress level

Ellis Stokes DVM

I love this app! it literally saved my life. twice a day,at first and then you'll know where to go from there.

Mr. Abel Johnston DDS

Excellent app. Outcome always matches how I feel (stressed or not) so I do believe it is accurate

Dorris Legros

its a good app... but sometimes when scanning your finger gets burned due to the light

Ms. Candida Schmeler IV

Please add an option to set the first day of the week to Monday in the calendar. Otherwise, the application seems to be working correctly. It returns very similar results for two consecutive measurements with funders from both hands. Congratulations on a good algorithm and implementation. Please consider the first day of the week selection option for the calendar.

Camilla Schmitt

Good app. Checked results with my activity tracker. Results are same. Thanks to the devs. You should also suggest some ways to manage stress with some exercises.

Dr. Alexandre Gutmann

Good free app. I was looking for a free variable heart rate monitor. This does a similar job

Katherine Bosco

Good. Hate the loud ads. Should be able to mute them before they start