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Stars - Reward points for kids apk

Download Stars - Reward points for kids apk for free.

Stars - Reward points for kids apk icon

Stars - Reward points for kids

Stars is a point system for your children for giving "Stars" to the kids based on their behavior. Give your children goal and check their progress against those goals

It all started out by me creating this to use for my boy and have been using it for the last 2 years now, maybe other people might find this useful as well. He always is excited on how many point he has got and the little rewards he will get once he achieves the goal for the month.

Enables parents/ partners to collaborate from anywhere using an online database. All they need to do is create a common loginID which multiple users can use to loginto the app and start collaborating in real time.

With the Stars app you can:
- Setup points goal
- Add upto 5 children
- Give Positive Star badges - Gold and White Stars
- Give Negative Star Badges - Black and Red Stars
- Save/ Print Certificates for kids on achievement of their goal

Based on the stars a kid accumulate the points score is calculated and measured against the goal for the month.

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Kiara Jerde

I wish I could add more than 5 children and that there was a save button on the individual's star screen (it feels weird to navigate backwards because I instinctively feel like it won't save the change), but I do like that the app is simple and straightforward!

Lyric Pouros

I guess I must be missing something, don't see where I add another parent, don't see a menu button to navigate /setup. I would welcome any feedback.

Tomasa Gutmann

Could you please change colours. Green and gold for positive, orange and red for negative. Just a thought.

Mrs. Estella Littel

App kept crashing on start up so couldn't use

Westley Hahn

Nice, simple, straightforward app. No gimmicks. Give or take stars away. Exactly what I was looking for !

Kenya Zemlak

This app has a potential. I was expecting that my kid will see her progress \nand be able to track her points on a her device but no.

Cordelia Skiles

this app sucks because i dont evan know what ''GOLD,BLACK,RED and WHITE'' mean so i would say don't get this app it is the worst -_-

Josue Hilpert

it doesnt show the final stars to kids

Gordon Metz

It's good but I can't find menu button for adding goals for each kid

Rolando Littel III

Very nice. But hey, I have more than five children.