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Handy - Book home services

Handy is the easy way to get anything and everything done with the tap of your thumb. Find trusted cleaners, skilled plumbers and electricians, reliable painters, and other professionals for every job. Covering over 30 cities across the globe, Handy is reinventing the way people get work done around the home.

When you use Handy, you’ll be able to track the location of your pro, manage your booking details, communicate with your pro, rate and tip after each booking, and more mobile-only features. Try doing all of that with the phone number for the house cleaner you got from your neighbor’s cousin.

Why is Handy better than finding contractors on your own?
Every single pro is insured, background checked, and experienced, so you have nothing to worry about.
Plentiful availability, so you can book a pro for the very next day, every day, from early inthe morning until late at night.
Our customer experience team is at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we ensure your happiness with a money-back guarantee.

Let a professional from Handy take care of home cleaning, office cleaning, hanging pictures and shelves, home theater setup, A/C installation, moving help, interior painting, hanging window treatments, replacing knobs and locks, fixing drains, replacing faucets and toilets, installing garbage disposals, installing light fixtures and fans, replacing outlets and switches, and almost anything else you can think of!

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Mervin Williamson

Avoid this scam of an app. There's plenty others out there. Services are good, however the app will do its best to trick you into a contract riddled with fees and fines. If you try to cancel it, it will then do its best to trick you into agreeing to a different contract, also riddled with fees and fines.

Dr. Terrance Toy

easy to use

Felicita Hirthe

terrible company took almost 2 months just to receive a reply from their \"customer service\" I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. no contact phone number, just an email where you'll never get a reply anyway. plenty of other more reliable apps on the playstore that offer better services. ***updated review*** as you can see from all the other posts the only thing they're quick to reply to is 1 star reviews so they can try and appear half way decent as a company. Don't fall for their scam!

Mrs. Aubrey Gottlieb II

SPAMMING APP. What a nuisance. I installed the app, noticed i had to commit to a cleaning service right away, decided to do it some other time.... well they have emailed me every day since then. i didn't even open the emails, why do you need to send me so many messages? well, thank you for today's reminder to write this review and uninstall your app.

Abby Bogan V

As a Pro, this app is garbage. Unrightful fees, bad customer service. It is difficult to communicate with the client. You are able to communicate an hour before you start. Some of these clients do not provide all the details we need to get in the house and the buildings. They fail to provide the unit numbers, parking details. Sometimes i get no reply. We then are put down as a no show unfortunately. When you report this problem handy still charges the pro $50. Dont waste time. Dont WASTE $

Alexandrea Ortiz PhD

It's a contact based cleaning service but is shadily unclear when you sign up! You cant just book a cleaning when you need one, very inconvenient for frequent work travelers.

Maurice Buckridge

Worst experience, lot of things stolen by the pro who had done 60 jobs with average rating of 4.7/5. Barely no customer service, use at your own risk. At least 6 month plan(without clear notice), $99 cancel fee paid.

Humberto Mante

I'm knocking off two stars because the app requires you rate the same person after every single cleaning. I'm not going through that kind of micromanaged nonsense.

Dr. Reynold Mayer

Borderline Criminal Billing Practices STAY AWAY FROM ALL SERVICES IN THIS APP. AUTOMATIC BOOKING, LAST MINUTE NOTIFICATIONS, BAD PROS. I have nothing but regret signing up with them. About to cancel the card they have on file so they will stop billing for services not received. 1000 x 1 star review

Elsie Graham

I tried the service despite the poor reviews, and I wish I hadn't. Handy's business model is clearly to force people to a contract and then burn through them. Horrible customer service.