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Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair

Budge Studios™ presents Barbie Dreamtopia – Magical Hair! Join Barbie and her younger sister Chelsea as they welcome you to Endless Hair Kingdom!
With Barbie as your mentor, use your imagination and creativity to design magical hairstyles. Play with whimsical hair accessories to wash, cut, brush, style and color! Rinse and repeat to express yourself and bring inspiration to Wispy Forest and its princesses.

STYLIZE, brush, braid and accessorize
COLOR, curl and straighten
WASH, dry and decorate
LISTEN to Barbie and discover her magical hair wishes
TAKE A PIC to save your creations
TRAVEL to the 8 wonders of the Wispy Forest

BARBIE, Wispy Forest princess
CHELSEA, a dreamer of magical hairstyles
DELIA, the magnificent unicorn
LOCKSLEY, the fluffy and fearless bunny

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Mittie Feil

Made my daughter very angry, because only one \"level\" is free. I understand if you charge for additional characters or upsell bonus packs, but this game effectively ends if you didn't pay a lot of $$. Want more people to pay? Make it reasonable.

Courtney Pagac

Well for starters , unlock more charcters i know you wanna earn money but some people will just delete the app and i'm sure you DO NOT LIKE THAT! So... to help add more things from dreamtopia and the barbie channel. thank you for your time. please reply !!!😁

Vanessa Macejkovic

Um well I love it and all too my fave game but ,TO MUCH MONEY!! but I don't care love this game but I already broke all the frozen balls and it won't let me go to the next level🤔 still love it😘😍😇

Jevon Mante

The game is EXTREMELY beautiful but the problem is money if you say it's a good game I am also thinking like that but please make the money low please I beg you. It's almost reached at the top but only the money is stoping it to go down and down . if you don't low the money I am sorry to say it will never reach to top.

Prof. Abagail Greenfelder

It's okay and a good game but what I hate is that only Chelsey is free but everything else (the other character and going to the next level) is money. Too EXPENSIVE. I will just uninstall and reinstall this game because theres not much you can do. It's not good enough!😐😓😕😟

Ms. Meda Donnelly DDS

Like everyone else the problem is only one girl is available .At least after playing a few levels the others get unlocked. Please try doing that

Darion Wehner

I liked the game but it is a little glitchy. And the worst thing, it has everything of money. Maybe you should give even some of them free to atrract more people.

Jackie Olson

My daughter loves the game, she played it almost everyday... until I got a newn phone. I paid for the full Unlock but cannot restore it on my new phone. I definitely used the same google account so I don't understand why I cant access my purchase. I emailed the support team and haven't gotten a responwe after 3 days. So I guess ultimately I'm disappointed with the app. Unless it can be restored, 7 dollars is a lot for a parent... but I bought it because 30 Minutes of entertainment is worth so much more than that. Please help me get my kids favorite game back.

Dortha Davis

There is only one girl available at least after playing few levels the \nother levels should unlock. Please try to make your game much better. \nPlease please. I like this game but only because of these characters I am \nnot interested to play this game. Please do something about it. 😈😈😭😭 . \nI hate you budge studios . You know how much old I am.

Vivianne Lockman

Didn't even get to play it because it is wants to make phone calls and without that I can't play. I would let it give phone calls if It was not my mother's phone.