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Agoda – Hotel Booking Deals

Even lower prices than our own website! The Agoda app is your best tool for finding and booking the very best deals on any kind of accommodation, anywhere in the world.

- *SHOP* See the deals we can’t show on our website. Agoda guarantees the best price and it can get even better when you view on the app.

- *SAVE* Get additional savings of up to 80% from Insider Deals, Last-Minute Deals, Secret Deals, and more.

- *DISCOVER* Search over 1,900,000+ hotels, villas, BnBs, and every kind of vacation rental in your own language and currency of choice.

- *DECIDE* Choose wisely. Agoda’s useful search filters, hi-res photos, map views, local experience information, and 15+ million verified traveler reviews help you find the perfect accommodation for your specific journey and budget.

- *NO STRESS* Get support. Agoda’s app saves your voucher, details, and maps right on your device for easy check-in and printer-free travel. You can manage or amend your booking anytime, anywhere. And if something goes wrong, Agoda has live agents ready 24/7 in multiple languages to make sure your journey is as smooth as it is cost-efficient.

- *START EARNING* Become a host and start earning. For Agoda Homes hosts, our app lets you manage reservations and communicate with your guests directly. If you haven’t listed your property yet, go to today. It’s free!

Budget-saving to supreme luxury, last-minute to long-term planning, the highly-rated Agoda app is your complete and powerful travel companion.

The Agoda app may request access to your phone or information. Here’s why:

- Storage access: To save your booking vouchers to your device.

- Your location: To help you find properties near you.

- Your calendar: To save booking dates to your calendar for timely reminders.

- Your contacts: To let you share Gift Cards with your friends easily.

- Your camera: To allow you to scan your credit card for easy input (optional).

To learn more about device information used in our App, including for interest based advertising and cross-device tracking, and to exercise certain opt-out choices you may have, please see our cookie policy.

Editor's Note

Agoda – Hotel Booking Deals has designed and announced by The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Agoda – Hotel Booking Deals apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Mason Renner

Clean and comfortable. The reviews saying the beds were like a yoga mat on a hard surface were pretty correct so if you're not used to sleeping on something very firm, I'd probabaly pass. Also, not sure if it was because of the time of the year I went, but it was quite hot and stuffy in the capsule rooms.

Keenan Kuhn PhD

My SO's account for hacked and you punish her by not allowing her to book with you without sending a copy of her credit card and passport. Makes zero sense. You just lost two loyal customers.

Mr. Jovany Dooley V

The bookings listed over here are a surefire way for gullible people to part with their money for zero services. You'll be better off to get bookings done from someone else than Agoda considering their conflict resolution team has zero privileges to right any wrong suffered by a customer.

Alene Marks III

irresponsible application .. already booked .. canceled by the application. then there is no refund. hard to contact customer service

Tomas Klocko

No OTP Notification to confirm purchase! Receive a code for discount , expect to use before checkout but agoda confirmed booking without having a chance to use the discount code. no otp make matters worst, no refund was available for the purchase i made. Dissappointed.

Julius Kozey PhD

worst app booking hotel on earth. after book a hotel were canceled due to system issues, will not be using platfrom again. agodacash suck, cant use it to any hotel 😂

Charley Dooley

I keep getting \"Oops, something went wrong\" when trying to check my bookings after the latest update.

Waylon Gulgowski

Why did this get editor's choice? The prices in the \"hotel\" are cheaper. And it's the second time I book a nasty place. Highly questionable hotel reviews in the app

Prof. Genevieve Anderson

saves me a ton of money when booking and the more i use the more i get in discounts and agoda cash. big time life saver being its my first time in south east asia. cant imagine how much I'd be getting ripped off by inflated \"foreigner prices\" if i didnt start using this app. A must have App 150% edit: looking at some of the bad reviews and i cant believe them. check your settings and make sure you are looking at the correct price for the entirety of stay not the per night rate. suck 4 u guys..

Shaniya Heller

amazing place..just by walk 5min to tanah abang..service n staff 10/10