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AT&T DriveMode

AT&T DriveMode –Don’t Text & Drive, It Can Wait

AT&T DriveMode is a free* safe driving app that helps prevent distractions while driving by silencing incoming alerts and calls. The app automatically engages when it sees your speed has reached 15 MPH and deactivates after 2-3 minutes when your speed drops below 15 MPH.

DriveMode is available to customers of all wireless companies, in English or Spanish.

Other key features:
- Customizable auto-reply to SMS messages and calls so people know you are driving.
- Parental alerts that can send an SMS if the app is turned off or if auto-mode is disabled.
- Make or receive calls from up to 5 numbers or receive all calls with Bluetooth®
- Use your favorite music and navigation apps.

* Data and text messaging charges may apply for app download and app usage. Standard messaging rates apply to auto-reply messages. Compatible device required.

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Editor's Note

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Mr. Juvenal Beatty

The app does not turn on automatically when I begin to drive, even though I gave it full permissions and have it set to automatically turn on. I wanted something similar to the built-in feature in my work iPhone, but this fails miserably.

Edwin King Jr.

I'm not understanding what all this means. If possible.. please mail me a book or guide on how to do this. ty for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you..👍😊😴

Jovan Nader

The app remains in 'Drive Mode' for HOURS after I have stopped. I can be sitting at my desk from early morning till after lunch, or EVEN AFTER BEING IN BED OVER NIGHT, and this thing still locks down my phone.

Imelda Halvorson

ain't worth it when there are so many free ones out there! don't get worst mistake.if i could delete app frm for i would but can't

Merle Dach

it's starting on it's own and I'd like to control it. have changed settings but gets overridden. Not sure why. maybe I'll uninstall and reinstall since no update available.

Michele Frami

Like that the app sends messages saying I'm driving and shuts off sounds for calls and texts. Do not like how much energy it sucks from my phone battery.

Parker Simonis DVM

This is interfering with my car phone system. I can not call people back when I am sitting in tge ciffee shop.

Joanie Wolff

it turns on automatic but you have to turn it off ! not good for me!

Berenice Hudson

I don't like being forced into an app that I don't want \u0026 then having to keep updating it for no reason!

Shania Ratke

I haven't used it yet but I wanted to say that it lacks customization. I like to listen to podcasts instead of music when I drive and the app I use is not available for the home screen. Can you fix this please?