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Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

From the far-flung infinity of space to your infinitely far out handheld and tablet devices, noted futurist and forward thinker Matt Groening brings good news to every “Futurama” fan across the known universe. The new Futuramaland app takes you, Fry, Leela, and Bender into a new dimension of digital reality and adventure! Every sci-fi twist, turn and trope is here for the taking…and yes, there will be time travel –- so bring a change of clothes!

Loaded with laughs, our cloud-based platform, delivers dozens of cosmically comical comics, perplexing puzzles, and astronomical amusements wherever you go and will automatically sync across all of your oh-so smart Android devices. Digitally download the newest Planet Express delivery, courtesy of Futuramaland, today!

Editor's Note

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Baby Bartell

I'd like to tell you to shut up and take my money, but I'm not going to press the buy button 70 times and then got through the Google checkout process 70 times, I want to give you money Mon, why you gotta be such a Jamaican tank in the bottom of the see?

Dr. Chadd Reichert

10,000 downloads and less than 100 users didn't feel this app even deserved a review, not even 1 Star. I was considering doing the same, but then thought \"maybe I can save one poor schmuck from downloading this worthless app?\" The minimum the sellers of this app ought to do is note that inside this app are 4 LAME Games (about 5 minutes of your time) and dozens of Electronic-Comic Books at $2.00 each. This \"app\" should really be in the Books area. Nuff said.

Vince Parisian

App literally gave me a permission error before it even asked for permissions, and then it continued to give the error the rest of the time it ran. Garbage. Fix it and maybe..

Donato Kutch

I can't access anything. It says my request is denied for security. I sent you a full explanation in an email through the feedback thing in the app.

Ola McGlynn

Games are fine. Kind of choppy. Comics cost 2 bucks each.

Coleman Balistreri

It's really boring, there really nothing fun to do

Prof. Royce Conroy MD

Love Futurama, love idea, bugs makes it impossible to travel threw app.

Mr. Antwon Greenholt

Futurama...that's all that's needed to be said.

Maudie Price

Can't get opened now. says security denies it.

Kenya Erdman

So many games you could use and play with I loved it!!!!