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With the free Steam app for Android, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. Chat with your Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, read the latest gaming news and stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales.

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Mr. Douglas Beatty IV

The Overall App is useable only. The Interface for the App is not optimized for a mobile. It's like it has been picked right up from the PC SteamOS and put in the mobile. Please make the Chat feature more interactive. I have Unread message but can't find out who sent me those messages. Please optimize the app for the Phone use. Then it might get 5 stars.

Turner Larson II

Push notifications still don't work. It only makes the sound when i open the app. Edit: got a new phone and the chat function worked normally for a while and now.. its back to not showing my recieved messages until i exit the app and return to the chat. This is ridiculous Steam, please fix it. edit: still not fixed and it tends to not show I'm connected.

Rylan Wilderman

It's alright. Could be better. Valve has a weird way of doing half of the work and just release it like that. As a company it seem to lack structure and routines. I like Valve, it does cool stuff. But buggy and slow clients is nothing new. :( And still no HL3. #nevergiveuphope

Corene D'Amore

Nice for the authenticator and chatting with friends, but the store UI can be clunky as all hell, especially during event sales where the special event page (eg. The Christmas sale advent calendar) is just copy-pasted from the desktop version, which doesn't exactly make it mobile-friendly. Other than that, perfectly serviceable and usable.

Elenor Wisozk

I receive no steam gaurd authenticator push notifications, although I have enable it in the settings of both the app and my phone. I tried reinstalling steam then deleting steam gaurd and then re-enabling it TWICE, but no luck. Please fix this problem!

Madalyn Kerluke

I need larger fonts for visual impairment. And the whole app looks broken. Links and buttons are too sensitive and I often end on pages I don't want. This is still a glorified web app. Garbage app that looks awful. not acceccable for visual impairment. larger text breaks the layout

Ms. Elnora Kassulke

its okay my only complain is that it keeps crashing for no reason and sometimes is not loading my friend list. What i do like is that i can put any game to download on my pc with this app

Brooke Kuphal

Mobile forums are messed up. Im on the 8plus and it's impossible to read the thread titles in the forums. It's been like this for as long as I've had the 8plus which is almost two years. Obviously steam can't be bothered to fix it.

Ms. Caterina Bosco MD

Enough functionality but terrible UI. UI is terribly unoptimised, the alignment of discussion threads and comments are severely broken. Also, stop being lazy. You're facing a tough competitor who pulls exclusivity by force.

Bernie Pfeffer

please improve the app its terrible. I dont need a notification sound each new message. the ui is slow and old. messages sometimes dont pop up unless i reload chats. please for heavens sake pleaassseee fix it