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Quadris®: new classic puzzle apk

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Package Name: com.kidga.quadris

Developer: Kidga

Category: Free Simulation Games

Publish Date:

Version: 3.14

Requirements: Android 14 and above

File Size: Varies with device

Quadris®: new classic puzzle Screenshot
Quadris®: new classic puzzle Screenshot
Quadris®: new classic puzzle Screenshot
Quadris®: new classic puzzle Screenshot
Quadris®: new classic puzzle Screenshot

Quadris®: new classic puzzle

More than 10M downloads worldwide!

Quadris®: classic puzzle Rules:
- Draw puzzle blocks and clear rows to unblock new bricks.
- You can only draw the puzzle blocks shown onscreen – think carefully about where you want to place them!
- See which puzzle blocks are coming up next and strategize.
- Make the field unblocked!

Quadris®: classic puzzle Features:

Puzzle Game for Free!
- Block puzzles like you’ve never seen them before! Old school bricks get a totally new ruleset
- This free classic brick game offers endless value as you keep coming back to perfect your strategy

Brain Training Challenges

- The brain challenge begins! Expand your mind to come up with strategic ways to clear the board
- Brain teasers will push you to think outside the box to find the solution
- Memory, spatial reasoning and puzzle solving skills will all be tested and improved with Quadris

Puzzle Leaderboards & Multi-Language Support

- Brain block puzzle games, worldwide! Quadris®: classic puzzle is available worldwide in 16 languages
- Puzzle Leaderboards – See who has the highest scores
- Support for tablet devices
- Convenient user interface and easy operation
- Available offline
- Rating 6+

Simple. Addictive. Originac. Classic. Strategic. Quadris is the brain training puzzle brick game you’ve been waiting for!

Download Quadris®: classic puzzle and start solving brain puzzles today!

Thanks for playing!
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  • user Ирина Гринберг apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Ирина Гринберг

    Очень очень много рекламы, которая теперь блокирует экран!

  • user kma smd apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago kma smd

    on the 4th block that i tried tracing, the game kept glitching out on me and restarted the tracing proccess on the turnn

  • user Bronwyn Gurr apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago Bronwyn Gurr


  • user SoberSaviour apkdeer profile image
    5 months ago SoberSaviour

    noice time waster small and doesn't nee wifi

  • user Dan Campbell apkdeer profile image
    6 months ago Dan Campbell

    An interesting idea, but the inability to twist the pieces makes it too restrictive. You can see good moves but the game won't let you make them.

  • user Vaid T apkdeer profile image
    8 months ago Vaid T


  • user Gregory Rackley apkdeer profile image
    9 months ago Gregory Rackley

    i got a good score going on and blam there are the ads blocking part of my screen.

  • user Nick Newell apkdeer profile image
    11 months ago Nick Newell

    Game appears to be a Tetris variant but is actually more like Minesweeper, which is why so many people are confused by it and are complaining. As far as the game goes its surprisingly difficult to get more than even a couple thousand points, it doesn't seem to provide enough room to recover from a mistake or wait for a key shape. Suggest increasing rows to change difficulty. I find that usual Tetris like strategies of removing large numbers of rows by preparing for and waiting for a long vertical block often fails. Its unclear how the 3 shapes at the top work, so I'd add a description to the help. The right hand one when you click on it disappears momentarily and than returns, still not sure what that function is suppose to do. It might be an interesting change to make the left shape a stack related to the number of rows you've removed, and every time you use the stack you lose one. Allow discarding from the stack (but lose an entry in the stack) I found the game crashes quite a bit for no apparent reason. Perhaps some sort of memory leak? The hint function does worse than I do so it wasn't much help in figuring out a strategy.

  • user Christine Blow apkdeer profile image
    1 year ago Christine Blow

    Love this game. Especially when stressed, helps me chill

  • user Nobomi Mkhize apkdeer profile image
    1 year ago Nobomi Mkhize

    Wow to have this app