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Kickme - Baby Kicks Counter apk icon

Kickme - Baby Kicks Counter

One of the most exciting moments in your pregnancy is when you feel those first little flutters of your baby kicking. These tiny movements reassure you that your baby is developing and help you feel closer to the little life inside you.

With this application you can,

* Start a kicks counting session and keep it running until you choose to stop it
* Record your baby's kicks inside a counting session
* Even record the kicks you forget to add at a later time
* Add notes to a counting session to see how the baby reacts to your daily activities
* Review past counting sessions and identify important patterns
* See past kicks organized by each day or month
* Get statistics about your baby's activeness such as estimated kicks per day
* See hourly activeness and daily activeness of your baby
* Adjust session start and end times manually if required
* Email session history data to anyone such as your doctor
* Delete a kick or a entire session any time
* Select a theme you like from six available options

Baby kick counting is an important pregnancy practice. If you’re feeling movement with some regular patterns, it is a good idea to begin counting kicks. Usually tracking baby kicks must be started during your seventh month of pregnancy. But every doctor may recommend a slightly different way of tracking baby’s movement, so be sure to check in with your doctor to find out how he or she prefers you count kicks.

Thank you for using Kickme, the best baby kick tracker for android.

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Thalia Mitchell

Much better than the last kick app I was using. Much more detailed and I love that you can add notes and have as many kicks you want in a session. Definitely puts my mind at ease. I don't like the ads being at the bottom below the buttons. I've accidentally hit the ads instead of the kick button. Lately it's been repeating the same ad. When I tell it I don't want to see that ad anymore it still shows it. Move the ad to a different location and make the bottom buttons bigger and it would be perfect.

Lori Conn

No complaints really. It does exactly what it needs to do without a bunch of extra nonsense. Only improvement I could think of would be a widget so that I don't have to open the app to record each kick, seems like about the time I close the app the baby starts kicking again only to stop if I am sitting there with the app open.

Arthur Eichmann

Overall, I love this app. It tracks statistics \u0026 helps me see the big picture so I know what \"normal\" is for my baby. My only complaint is that the button to record a \"kick\" is tiny \u0026 very close to the ad banner. I have accidentally hit the banner a few times. It almost feels like they want you to do that??? Make the button bigger \u0026 harder to make this mistake \u0026 I'll happily change to 5 stars.

Ashlynn Kunde

I really like this app but there are a couple little things that could be improved. For example it would be nice if the kicked now button was larger. As it is I have to look each time I press it and can't really relax. It would also be nice if it calculated average kicks per minute but it does calculate almost every other stat you can imagine. All in all it's great; very reassuring and I'm looking forward to maybe picking up on some patterns!

Ellen Roob

Needs to have different options for input eg: time in AM or PM instead of in minutes only. Sometimes I forgot to key in earlier for a whole day so I wrote in notes but it is not displayed in home page or logs.

Darby Schamberger III

Better than the last app I tried, particularly on the statistics, thank you! However, could be even better with (1) ongoing breakdown by day/week, in graphic format (like the step tracker apps), (2) option to see stats reported as an average - currently only a summation), (3) see most recent session at the top instead of having to scroll all the way down to the bottom, (4) default session end at the last kick.

Dale Mayer

Exactly what I'm looking for to keep track of baby activities. Simple to use. Though I wish the kicked now button could be a bigger and locates toward the center of the screen.

Lincoln Bradtke

This is the 3rd app I've tried and it's the best! Unlike the others, it won't reset in the middle of the session if you open something else. I can open and close the app within the same session with no reset. I actually got a full 2 hour session! LOVE the stats tab! It's great to see the totals and averages done for me!

Orlo D'Amore

I love this app, my only wish is to be able to manually enter amount of kicks and time occurred when I want, instead of the very simple \"Kicked Earlier\" this app currently provides. Otherwise I seriously love this app and the other features it has!

Tierra Stoltenberg IV

It's very basic, like all kick apps I've seen. I'd like to see average daily charts, given changes in your personal pattern are the important thing to look out for