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Gods of Olympus

Command the gods of Olympus as they battle through ancient Greece against fortified cities and hundreds of combat units. Control every second of the action as the gods rampage through the cities of your enemies. Build a mighty empire worthy of the gods.

Full Combat Control
Take full control of the legendary Greek gods in real-time combat. Master an innovative combat system that puts you in command of towering gods as they tear through enemy defenses. Employ strategy and brutality as you unleash the devastating powers of Zeus, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, and Hades. More gods will be added soon!

Real-Time Cooperative Play
Rush into battle to aid your allies and fight alongside them in live cooperative play! Help them defend their city from attacks or join them in laying waste to your enemies.

No Build Times
All buildings and upgrades are completed instantly -- never wait for a build timer! Instantly buy and sell buildings, reinventing your city at any time. Explore a huge variety of city layouts and defensive strategies.

Unique Reward System
Never lose your hard-earned wealth! The gods reward both skillful attacks as well as clever, effective defenses. Claim your fortune in the battlefield, thanks to a game economy that rewards action, boldness, and combat.


● Full control of the legendary Greek gods in real-time combat.
● Real-time cooperative play -- help an ally defend their city or attack another empire.
● Defend your city from attacks as they happen in real-time
● Construct buildings instantly -- no waiting!
● Each god commands multiple unique combat powers
● Build a powerful city protected by massive armies and an array of defensive towers.
● Spar with yourself or alliance members to test their might.
● Get rewarded both for defending well AND for attacking well.
● Expand into new areas to create a vast empire.
● Battle for the fate of Ancient Greece in an epic single-player campaign based on Greek mythology.

--- NOTE ---
This game requires an internet connection to play and offers in-app purchases.

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River Boyer DDS

love the game, but my most recent purchase took 10 bucks off of my balance and didn't give me the gems or resources i bought. I emailed the developers about it and they gave me my resources and 500 extra gems for my trouble! they are so nice! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Count von Snuffleupagus, for GoO content as well as a variety of other games!

Juston Nader

I enjoyed this game for a while but after reaching level 40 i started to notice a very small amount of legit strategy to winning. Stack Apollo Healing buildings for defense and max Hera Explosion for offense and you will landslide though the game with no effort. In short the game has some of the worst balance i have ever seen in a game. Would avoid for now sense the developers don't seem to understand how to balance the game. They buff Hades randomly and let the other Gods just be broken.

Jameson Adams

I like this game. The graphics are really good. The only thing is that sometimes when you're going to ally in a battle (offense or defense) it takes forever to load and you miss the battle. Other than that the app is great and I have no issues with it.

Joany Boyer

Its really cool. There could be more gods and tournament. Tournament can be very cool depending on leagues so that it can be level, there can be clan wars, which is a clan has to make a base using 10M stone or more depending a the league. But still these are still suggestions to make the game more complex and exciting!

Harley Abshire

Great game! But, they r missing Dionysus and if they whish, Hestia. Hecate would be a nice touch too! I wish we were attacked a bit more often and to earn things you didn't just have to do battle. And, why not call the owl, Athens? Or something to do with Athena, as an owl is her symbol. Why is everything rocks, too? Also, u give out decor things too late. By then I've already crowded everything and it looks like a mess! Whidh it took less time to load though. Love the Medusa thing!

Carlee Mayert

amazing , this was the game I have been looking for. Great strategy lives up too the 5 stars. Only problem is it has many loading screens , so when you get to 100 percent loading textures it says . I know they can't change the long loading but the false hopes😠 the rest 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Deion Lebsack Sr.

This game is addictive and fun. My only problem is they don't include 3 ofntue gods. Namely vulcan, dionysus and heistia other, wise, FIVE Friken stars!

Genevieve Russel

Dear Aegis Interactive, I very much like your game but just to mention here are my two problems: -There should be more gods like demeter, Hephaestus, Dionysus,Nike,and Hecate. -There should be a mode where your gods can battle other peoples gods and an option to choose someone to battle from your alliance.

Jamir Huels

its great its very addictive I can play this all day I think they should add Demeter or Dionysus or even hepthesus I probably spelled wrong but them gods would be a cool addition to the game

Rowland Murazik

Kind of like clash of clans, but units are gods. There are no wait timers or lost loot. You can also control the gods during battle, and aid alliance members in battle by providing troop reinforcements.