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Package Name: com.mhd.flasher.fseries

Developer: MHD Tuning UG

Category: Free Auto & Vehicles Apps

Publish Date:

Version: version 1.31

Requirements: Android 13 and above

File Size: 50M

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MHD F+G Series Screenshot

MHD F+G Series

The MHD Flasher F+G Series is a complete flash tuning app for your BMW. Unlike a piggyback module, it is capable of complete DME remapping while retaining all OEM safety mechanisms. This allows for maximum performance,maximum safety, and unrivaled drivability.
Full OBD Flashing:
You can install MHD right at home and start tuning immediately! There is no need to remove and send out your DME for a costly “unlock.” Simply download the MHD Flasher F-Series app that connects via a K+DCAN cable to your Android device and your vehicle’s OBD-II port, start the app, and within 15-25 minutes the initial installation is complete. Further map changes are much faster - only 1-3 minutes! You can revert your vehicle to the factory OEM flash at any point, and no initial backup is necessary.
Stage 1, Stage 2 und E85 OTS (Off The Shelf) Maps by PureBoost:

N55 EWG (Vehicles built after 07/2013 with electronic wastegate):
- Stage 1 (up to 360HP/540NM) (not available for M2 and X4 M40i)
- Stage 2 (up to 390HP/580NM)
- Stage 2+ (up to 430HP/630NM)
- Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 and 2+ E20 Maps for ethanol blends of 20%

N55 PWG (pneumatic wastegate):
- Stage 1 (up to 340HP/540NM)
- Stage 2 (up to 370HP/580NM)
- Stage 2+ (up to 400HP/630NM)
- Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 and 2+ E20 Maps for ethanol blends of 20%

S55 (BMW M3 / M4 F8x):
- Stage 1 (up to 530HP/700NM)
- Stage 2 (up to 560HP/780NM)
- Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 and 2+ E30 Maps for ethanol blends of 30%

- Stage 1 (up to 420HP/580NM)
- Stage 2 (up to 470HP/630NM)
- Ethanol Mix Maps: Stage 1, 2 Maps for ethanol blends of 30%
Monitor your engine behavior to make sure it is running perfectly using a configurable and very responsive gauge layout. 50+ engine parameters are available at a glance!

These are some of the available monitors:

- Boost, Boost Target
- Lambda (AFR)
- Intake Air Temp (IAT)
- Ignition Timing per Cylinder
- Coolant Temperature
- Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure
- Transmission Temperature
- High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)
- Throttle Position
- Wastegate Duty-Cycle (WGDC)
- Speed
And many more…

MHD exclusive advanced monitor:

- Timing Corrections per Cylinder
- Boost target EX which can read higher than 22.x psi (the BMW boost target channel can't)
- Base Compressor Axis: Boost Setpoint, MAF req WGDC.
- Active Torque Limiters
And many more…
These flash options can be applied to any map directly through the app:

- Exhaust Burble (duration & aggressiveness, min speed, min rpm)
- N20 Map Sensor (on N55)
- Remove top speed limiter (Vmax)
- Cold start noise reduction
- Exhaust flap open in sport mode
- Limit power per gear
- XHP TCU flash support (optimizied OTS maps)
- Sport cooling mode for increased water / air intercooler cooling (B58 only)
Supported Cars:

M135i F2x N55 2012 - 2016
M235i F2x N55 2013 - 2016
M2 F87 N55 2015 - 2018
335i N55 F3x 2011 - 2015
435i N55 F3x 2013 - 2016
535i / GT N55 F1x 2010 - 2017
640i N55 F0x 2011 - 2017
740i N55 F0x 2012 - 2015
X3 35i N55 F25 2010 - 2017
X4 35i / M40i N55 F26 2014 - 2018
X5 40i N55 F15 2013 - 2018
X6 40i N55 F16 2014 - 2018

M3 S55 F80 2014 - 2019
M4 S55 F82 2014 - 2019
M4 S55 F83 2014 - 2019

M140i F2x 2012 - 2019
M240i F2x 2016 - 2019
340i F3x 2015 - 2019
440i F3x 2016 - 2019
540i G3x 2017 -
640i GT G32 2017 -
740i G1x F0x 2015 -
X3 M40i G01 2017 -
X4 M40i G02 2018 -
X5 40i G05 2018 -
Z4 M40i G29 2019 -

114i F2x 2012 - 2015
116i F2x 2011 - 2015
118i F2x 2011 - 2016
120i F2x 2015 - 2017
316i F3x 2012 - 2018

X-Drive is supported on all cars.
All performance power kit cars are supported.

Check out our homepage / user manual for more information and recommended modifications for each stage.
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  • user Ryan Payton apkdeer profile image
    6 days ago Ryan Payton

    Can't put in words how simple and easy this app is. Compared to a JB4 install this blows that out of the water. And the different tunes you can doing, including JB4 support... A++

  • user Blake St.romain apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Blake St.romain

    Absolutely fantastic. Initial write of first tune takes a while, but its normal. Tuning afterwards is much fast. I love all of the customizable options. Car feels like a rocket now.

  • user Ivan Bozic apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Ivan Bozic

    First time in my lifetime to even consider to map a car, and I owner several turbo bmw until my current M2 N55. I got all mods ready for stage2+ over a year ago but I couldnt find a reliable and experienced tunner localy who had any experience with this engine. So after very long research, I have decided to go with Mhd and oh boy I am totally happy how car is overall performing, not to mention that whole unlock process was very easy and smooth! My overall results are 1.5sec faster 100-200 time!

  • user Chris Cmrlec apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Chris Cmrlec


  • user Joshua Schumack apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Joshua Schumack

    Love it!

  • user Valvetronic Designs apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Valvetronic Designs

    Wow... What a difference this software makes on your car, complete transformation of how the power comes on. MHD has been in this game for awhile now; they were on of the first to crack the DME's on N54\\55, they know what they're doing. And with all of the same features like cold start delete, burbles, and monitoring/logging at a fraction of the price compared to the competitors, it was an easy choice to go with MHD. Higly recommend.

  • user LS3Twins apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago LS3Twins


  • user Victor Marji apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Victor Marji

    Transformed my M2 into a completely different beast.

  • user Ivor Carcamo apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Ivor Carcamo

    Latest update breaks monitor. Can still flash and read codes. But when trying to use monitors. The whole app crashes. Please fix asap! Update: Issue resolved in less than 24hrs! Thanks MHD! 5 stars

  • user Stefan Yotz apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Stefan Yotz

    Great app, use it all the time but crashing on logging since the most recent update (9/25/19) I am confident they will fix that quickly. Updated, these guys are on it! Thank you!