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New Yr on Android is different from anything else you’ve seen in weather forecasting: Scroll through a beautiful and animated sky to see how the weather changes hourly, and get all the need-to-know details at the same time.

The weather visualization makes it a fun experience to check the weather – even when it’s raining!

Forecasts are delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.


• Weather conditions in a visualized 48-hour forecast, with animated clouds, rain, snow and fog + details about wind, temperature and severe weather warnings.
• Long term forecast in table – hour by hour the first three days.
• Graph with more details on weather, temperature, wind and pressure.
• Live 90-minute precipitation forecast – our most accurate and updated rain forecast (only in Norway).
• Weather summary text.
• Choose the look of your widget
• Easy navigation between sky view, table and graph.
• Weather from 10 million places around the world with option to save your favorite places.

ABOUT US: Yr is a weather service jointly produced by NRK and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Our primary goals are to secure life and property, while delivering useful and accurate weather forecasts to our users, preparing them for all kinds of weather. This year we are celebrating our ten-year anniversary, and with millions of users every day we are proud of being one of the most popular weather services in the world.

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Cathrine O'Connell DVM

Nice graphics and widget, covers many more areas in each country than other apps. But not quite accurate! Also would like to see rain precipitation %age per hour/day and total snow accumulation per day rather than per hour!

Dr. Bettie Goldner PhD

The graph is very easy to use at a glance. This my most favourite weather app. Really accurate for rainfall, which is actually more important than temperature! I originally wrote the review in 2014, felt like I ought to update it.

Esperanza Bergstrom

Yr used to be an excellent app it has degenerated over the last year or so. None of tge weather forecasts are ever, ever accurate. For instance, at the moment we are experiencing lots of rain, thunder and lighting - it's literally pouring. Yet YR says, \"No precipitation\" even our daily weather is completely inaccurate, heat, cold etc. I'm so disappointed with YR because it used to be one of the most trustworthy apps. :( I suppose it's because we are in deep dark South Africa!

Tyreek Koepp

It's nice but not very accurate. There were strong gusts of wind in my area, up to 90km/h and the app said \"Light breeze\". There should be an option to show Government warnings for this kind of stuff and it would make the app so much better.

Genevieve Bosco

Much better than AccuWeather. AccuWeather sells your location info and Yr doesn't because they're not a fraud. Forecast correct 99% of the time. Doesn't ever change the forecast or try to guess. They clearly have the right tools to do this job.

Justyn Boyle III

This app is becoming popular in the US because it respect its users privacy, all of us in the US lack most basic privacy rights that Norwegians are accustomed to. Thank you NRK and Norway for this app. (If you could bring back Lillehammer, we would be very thankful for that too)

Mr. Nico Rowe

This is a very unreliable weather app. I would not recommend it at all. it is pouring with rain at the moment and YR says: \"NO PRECIPITATION \". A waste of space. Delete.............

Juliet Collins

Bugging Live the app and the widgets are nice. But the reason it doesn't get a five star is that the widget lately has trouble finding accurate location and doesn't update the date either. Clock works fine.

Bettye Greenfelder

Beautiful application. However I've lost colors of temperature numbers (formerly positive temp was in red, negative in blue) in Table view after upgrading to Android Pie (9) on my Moto X4.

Norene Schultz

GS9 OS9 shows blank widget with \"location services were turned off\" every time I unlock my phone. works fine when i open the app once.