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TV Remote For Sharp

Mobile Tools Shop (MTS) proudly presents the easiest, functional and elegant IR (infra red) TV remote control application which controls all Sharp TV brands around the world. Now you don’t need to get up and pick your TV remote control which is at a distance from you (Far Far away if you are the laziest person on planet earth).

So presenting an app which will keep you lazy and make the world a happier place. Apart from the main advantage of helping you with your laziness, this remote control also helps if:

 You have lost your remote control.
 Your kids like to use it as a car or something else and it’s not functional anymore,
 Your batteries are no longer able to make your remote control work.

Enjoy the simplicity of this TV remote control app. Very Easy navigation. It’s that simple. No connectivity or setup required for this app.
Unique Features:

Easy to use
Very elegant design.
Your Android mobile or tablet just need to have built-in IR (infra red) Blaster.

This remote control app requires IR (infra red) blaster.
Your feedback will always be welcomed and positive feedback will be appreciated.
We assume no liability for damages to TVs or mobile devices.

Editor's Note

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Waino Rowe Jr.

It doesn't even try to work, not even the menu button.

Candace Lang

It sucks it does not work

Cora Schowalter

Didn't work

Alvis Mann

Did not ID my SmartTV. Just showed a nice remote that did nothing. Useless!

Dr. Lily Dare IV

Literally this app is pure useless. I cant even find a way to connect my tv to this app on my phone

Shanon Murray

Ill try it again if i get an answer. Why doesn't it come with any way to CONNECT to a tv??????

Trevion Kautzer

Surprisingly worked with my 20 years old sharp color TV, Where all other apps failed.

Freeda McCullough

works 100% very well I will tell every body to download this app.

Dr. Doris Mertz

Warning; Please be sure... that your phone have infrared like samsung s5... to know the awesomeness of this app

Miss Rubye Kunze

stupid apps..lie