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Muscle & Fitness in 28 Days

Muscle & Fitness in 28 Days is one free and hot exercise app for men. You can find a fast and easy way to build your muscle in this app.Courses are scientifically designed by our training guidance.Through this tough 28-day exercise, your body will be stronger and healthier.
With Muscle & Fitness in 28 Days for your workouts you will get
* One well designed workout plan. This workout plan helps you lose extra weight and build your body in a scientific way.
* Freedom to do your workouts at home or anywhere at any time.Using Muscle & Fitness in 28 Days, you can free yourself from annoying equipments.All the action can be completed without equipments.
* Scientific animations and video guidance. Muscle & Fitness in 28 Days has animations and video guidance, so it's won’t be hard for beginners and easy for pros, you can always find suitable workouts.
* One report about your training time and calories consumption. Muscle & Fitness in 28 Days can track your exercise progress and report your calories burning and time consuming.
Don't forget take a break once a week. Enough rest keeps your body refreshments.
Feel free to contact as long as you have problems.

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Gideon Cremin


Mr. Elmer Mohr Jr.

App is set to female and all cardio. Horrible.

Dagmar Heaney

Male work out app with only female workout plan?!

Jevon Kilback

not as advertised and don't have option for male workout only female

Desiree Wyman

not a woman

Miss Chanel Mohr

great stuff

Rebecca Marks

not bad

Sandra O'Kon

it's cool

Prof. Josh Ortiz Sr.

honestly it's a horrible app. you can't see or adjust anything for your specific wants and need. I'm a Male and set it for body building, it put me on female and it's having me do weak mostly cardio type exercises. Worst part is I cant adjust it at all. this is dumb and there's no way it could have actually rated as high as it is

Lue Reynolds

as you can't even set your gender or age the app is pointless. There is no option to set your current fitness level so, I was started with a 3 minute, female workout! You may as well scroll through YouTube and pick a workout at random.