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Miga Town: My Pets

Here you will get a different experience.What pet do you like best? More than 100 kinds of pets are available.Everyone can find their own fun.New stories will start here!

More interesting scenes and self-defined game-play help to create a more wonderful story!

Cabin: It is full of cute animals. You can also re-arrange your favorite pet cabin.

Training ground: A professional training venue is provided to test the skills of animals. You can build a closer relationship with your favorite pets here.

Outdoor: Enjoy a wonderful time outdoors in the mysterious suburban park. Look around and you may find great surprises.

Shop: There are lots of pet products in the shop to meet your daily needs for pet care. The pet restaurant is also very interesting. Try to learn make some food for your pet.

Pet hospital: It is for hatching cool pets and helping sick pets regain their health.

- Role-play in 5 places

- More than 120 animal images

- Play the role of a breeder or doctor, explore more roles

- Take pictures of any role in any scene

- Discover more little surprises and hidden secrets

--Give full play to children’s creativity
--Tens of billions of customized modes
--No third-party advertising
--No time limit or score ranking list

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Juliana Gorczany

look, if developers were to \"unlock\" every game that you kids complain about, they wouldnt make any money. Google allows the player to TRY the game before buying it. and you better be glad they do because Amazon usually doesnt give the option to try the better games. that being said, I give this game 5 stars because my daughter loves dollhouse games. ESPECIALLY Miga town because there are a lot more rooms than many other dollhouse games. Miga town games are very well made

Prof. Jimmie Fahey II

cute and sweet but EVERYTHING IS LOCKED. I'm crying right now about that. pleeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaaaaase unlock everything I'm warning you readers don't download this game. it cost 3.99 to actually play it.

Nathanael Ziemann

its fun *abit*because its cute and has lots of unique things the one i hate about it is when you dont have anywhere to go like wth i have to stay in the apartment for the rest of the day,its like toca boca but all the places are lock |if you want to copy something make it better| if you want a good game unlock some of it not one! just unlock the food place and the salon it would make the game better and i would't be fun if we just stay in one place please consider my opinion so it can be funner?

Marlen Skiles III

waste of space i was expecting it all to be free but then when i brought the other one s it took my money but didnt let my child play it and it wouldnt restore my purches they are lucky i don't sue them for fraud

Prof. Alexanne Tillman DVM

This game SUCK u CAN'T go ANYWHERE and if u want to go to one of the places u got to PAY $3.99 did i mention that ALL the places r LOCKED.So just to let u guys know this game SUCK!But i'll hive this gameONE star if i had to choose.

Edwin Breitenberg MD

this sucks, I mean was that a CAT that came out of that egg?! and why did I have to wait? there are a lot more problems but for real guys the dogs and the animals in general were cute and all but please don't put the tree frog in an aquarium. I get it's hard to make games but please try a little harder.

Alf Bechtelar

i like this game its so cute but da worst part is when all the worlds is locked my friends doawnloaded all of your games but they did not install this if you update this it needs to be all unlocked or else i will tell of my friends to delete all of your games

Chadd Gibson III

this is really cute but I have to buy all of the places please make all the places free because you need dog food and you have to get it at the place that hasn't been unlocked and also how long does it take to unlock the places

Jalyn Berge

This is so cute! i really like it although this is a kids game right? My nefues loved this but diddn't want to pay for it so could you please give us more free choices in these games?

Rosalia Okuneva

I love this game but I don't like the way you have to pay like kids could spend their parents money if they don't know how to read and get told off its just not fair