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Royal Farms Rewards apk icon

Royal Farms Rewards

Royal Farm’s free app allows you to easily pay for items on the go, so long as the card is linked with your account. The app allows you to earn more points, view current deals, track purchases of key categories and locate ROFO locations in your geographic area. Key features include:

● Being able to track key food and drink categories to earn free items
● Being able to track points in order to use against a store item
● Viewing a list of current ROFO deals
● Geo-locating a ROFO location based off preferences (gas, electric, diesel fuel options, chicken, open 24-hours, car wash)
● Playing the ROFO match game to earn points
● Birthday perks during your birthday month
● Enroll in rewards program

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Elsa Davis

I've had no luck using this app nor the card for anything beneficial. Even tried out their RoFo Pay and I haven't seen not one discount on gas. Followed all directions and nothing..... contacted customer service and have yet to receive any actual assistance. Highly dissapointed with the whole thing

Abbey Yundt

I like RoFo, and I love saving 10 cents a gallon on gas, but honestly this app isn't really very good. The app just doesn't offer much. For example, I should be able to look up gas prices for individual stations. Since station prices upload directly to each store, they could be uploaded to the app at tge same time.

Antwon Labadie

This app sucks. They claimed to have improved it but obviously not. I tried using it a couple years ago, it froze constantly and one day all my points disappeared. Almost 400 points. Now I downloaded it again. Tried to reset my password, it sent me an email saying 'click here to reset password' that directed me to the regular sign in page with no option to create a new password. Waste of time I'll spend my money at Sheetz. Their app works great.

Gay Strosin

I really like the aesthetic update, the app is cleaner and runs more smoothly now as well as looking better. but I still find it disappointing in terms of features. Quick Chek, wawa and others have mobile food ordering features. Also as another reviewer said it is ridiculous this app does not show fuel prices per gallon; this is another Quick Chek and Wawa mobile app feature missing from RoFo. Please catch up, guys

Hoyt White

App wont open after installing 2 months ago. I previously activated card and it was tracking my milk. etc. purchases as I used to see it on the app. Never received any gas discounts as advertised. Swiped card in store without issue, went to pump, swiped and it says invalid card???? Put in my phone number instead and still no gas credit. DONE. I prefer Wawa anyway.

Jonatan Terry

I won the matching game, but of course \"an unexpected error occurred\" and I didn't get my points. But I do like that the rewards cards are back.

Bernadette Brown

I work for Royal Farms. The update is so much better now. No crashes. It is real handy when I leave my card at home. Just put my number in or open the app and I still get points/free items.

Laurel Becker DVM

The app is easy to use. I love the variety of items I can get for free using my points! There is something for everyone on this app!

Shirley Kerluke

Great app. love the chicken and all the free stuff you get over time. Much better then the old app they use to have.

Isabell Von

I had 1000 points and now it at 0 points. don't know what happened but they are going. Does anyone know if they take them away if you don't use them much? I rate this app as \"1\"