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New Orleans Saints Mobile

This is the official mobile app of the New Orleans Saints. Make your Android device a unique part of your game-day experience for Saints games. Want to catch breaking news of the team? See real-time statistics for every drive? Watch video-on-demand clips of press conferences and player interviews? Follow post-game blogs and pre-game previews of the matchups?

Now, you can stay in touch with the Saints anytime, anywhere, on your Android device.

Features include:
- News: Real-time breaking news from the Saints, previews of upcoming matchups, post-game blogs
- Video: Video-on-demand clips of the Saints' press conferences, coach and player interviews
- Photos: Gallery of game-time action
- Audio: Podcasts
- Stats: Real-time statistics and scores from the official NFL stats engine, head-to-head stats of the matchup, player stats, drive-by-drive stats, box score, out-of-town scores around the league
- Standings: Division and conference standings
- Fantasy: Keep track of your favorite fantasy players
- Depth chart: Shown by offense, defense and special teams
- Social media: Aggregated twitter of the Saints' official tweets, check in to the stadium on game-day, one-click tweet of all media items, one-click facebook posting of all media items
- Schedule: Schedule of upcoming games, and scores/stats of previous games from the season, ticket purchase for games
- Evolving home-screen: Pre-game, in-game, post-game, off-season countdown, draft-day

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Lou Wilkinson

I have submitted 3 times to the app letting them know that it doesn't work and have received no response. Why even have feedback when no responses are given to the feedback that is provided. Very frustrating seems like nobody cares. Can't wait to see the feedback to this!! Not holding my breathe.

Coby Emmerich

This was a very useful APP for years and the big advantage was getting the Touchdown Saints and Its Good notifications, as of late getting those updates correctly have been hit and miss. It is installed on multiple devices through out the family and we all experience the same issue at the same time. the one major is issue is ti never works on my S9. i would have given it 5 stars if it would work on the S9

Tristin Klocko

Very useful app. I LOVED it last year with the audible score notifications, \"Touchdown Saints\" and \"It's Good\", but this year the notifications seem to be gone. I'm sadly bummed. I guess I still LIKE it but BRING THEM BACK...please. 😟

Magnolia Volkman DVM

I was raised all my life in Las Vegas but I was lucky enough to have been born in super sweet \u0026 ooohhhwweeee spicy new Orleans Breaks my heart never having been to that smooth city but at least I have my saints who-dat saying anything about my saints if they know better then they datted out

Mrs. Sandrine Huel

I really love watching the game of the New Orleans Saints and they are the best team of the NFL . The New Orleans Saints have the best qauterback and I really love the way he play and that is winning the most games at home and away . Also they have won many playoffs games . The New Orleans Saints cheerleaders are great and I really love it very much . My girlfriend Angela also love this game as well as the players and including the cheerleaders of the New Orleans Saints and the song it's cool !!

Trisha Jacobson V

WE WANT audible touchdown and field goal notifications! What's the problem?

Prof. Ida Nader Jr.

App does not say TOUCHDOWN or IT'S GOOD

Citlalli Lesch

Bring back TOUCHDOWN and IT'S GOOD...then I'll give it 5 stars

Dudley Goyette

I loved this app until it no longer said \"Touchdown Saints!

Jonathon Rodriguez

please make the Touchdown Saints announcement available for a notification tone for my phone