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Neighborhood security starts here. Join millions of Americans and use the Ring app to get real time crime and safety alerts from your Neighbors. It's a neighborhood watch for the digital age that creates a ring of security around your neighborhood.

Also, if you have Ring cameras, use the Ring app to watch over your home from your phone.

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Dax Doyle

I said in the past that i had issues on my older phone. it is not as bad on my oneplus 6t. i still really need manual picture settings for large overhead porch casting too much shadow. i know i could adjust it just right, however I dislike having to contact to support to adjust it even though they can't really verify the picture during different time periods. I've decided to leave for a competitor with HDR as a feature. if you can't give me the customization i need, I'm going with HDR.

Mr. Erich Schmeler

the app takes ages to load. once it does eventually open up I can see it hasn't bothered to notify me of motion at my front door and when it randomly does it doesn't even play the sound I selected. I changed the sound which it began to notify me for just a few days before deciding not to again! 30 seconds is nowhere near enough recording time this needs to be extended urgently. I have even paid the £30 annual fee just to watch back a recording because the app didn't bother to notify me

Miss Daniela Bogisich

Easy to use. Only thing I don't like is am/pm. Would be nice to have a setting for 24h time format, since it is an international product. And an other thing I don't like that there is no setting how the app controls vibration on motion notifications on android. Its way too strong. I don't have a credit card for recoding subscription, Ring doesn't support PayPal. My ring account has the same email as my PayPal. Should be so easy to match and pay that way. But no support :(

Moriah Walsh PhD

My first Ring door bell video pro button went bad after about 30 days. Ring Tech's did a great job walking me through testing, monitored previous usage and replaced my defective button with ease. They were great to deal with and very much appreciated. I have recommended Ring to all my friends. We love monitoring our front door while we are away. It's great. Thank you, Jim

Miss Maeve Johnston IV

Now requires gps location for any action even though that was not a requirenent years ago. They dont seem to care about their users privacy by respecting their choice of leaving location turned off. They also force you to use these new \"features\" that are only in their best interest. Look elsewhere if you are serious about security!

Wava Mayert DDS

its a great device but app needs work. When I get live motion or door bell alerts it take forever to pull up sometimes not at all unless to review the feed until its to late. its a major flaw when your trying to see live few and it does not come on . hope your IT team fixes it

Newton Willms

I now have the ring doorbell, the ring camera, and the Chime Pro in my mini security system. The doorbell and the camera are working better now with a new Gryphon router (5.0 only). 1. The Chime, which worked fine before the change of router, now pulses along but doesn't appear as a wifi network. 2. The camera never activates quickly enough to catch me entering or leaving the garage, even with the notification frequency set to high. I'm not that fast!

Prof. Jeromy Barton

I really like the app and ring doobell, my only issue is that when I am talking through the 2 way audio from my phone to the ring door bell, the other person can hardly hear me. They literally have to have their ear pushed closely to the doorbell. Can someone tell me if this is an issue with the app or Ring in general and is it fixable?? Is anyone else going through this. Thanks!

Golda Pouros

When it's working it's good but that's not very often. It keeps freezing to slow to notify of activity or doorbell by which time the person has gone . Then you have to wait for it to download which takes a couple minutes again by that time it's to late. After every update this this gets worse to the point now where its useless. customer service are of no use. I would look elsewhere this is RUBBISH

Concepcion Champlin PhD

App doesn't load the video immediately after the notification. You have to wait a little bit to be able to play it. Very inconvenient specially if the app tells you you have a motion and you can't play the moment to see what was it. Timeline does not record the moment immediately following the notification, again you have to wait sometime until it loads it. Event history does not seem to work as well. I have starred some videos and it never shows on the starred tab.