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Planet Craft: Block Survival Craft Games Online apk

Download Planet Craft: Block Survival Craft Games Online apk for free.

Planet Craft: Block Survival Craft Games Online apk icon

Planet Craft: Block Survival Craft Games Online

Try Planet Craft - free block craft 3d sandbox game with main modes: survival and creative online multiplayer, private maps, single player offline creative and survival! Totally for FREE!

This is a mobile pocket edition, full of exciting adventures: surviving, build battle, crafting and building, exploration, and more!

Take a perfect chance to survive, battle, mine and craft blocks, build together with your friends, girls, boys, kids, or other players from all over the world.


► Infinite 3d open world exploration! Mine blocks, use multi craft recipes for crafting, cubes, items, seeds, potions, weapons! Start easily and go to hard survive battle!
► Fun survival craft online: build a base, house, bridge or city alone or with friends, battle mobs and evil players together. Create your strongest survival royale team.
► Play minigames! Organize with team pvp wars, battle royale, survival arena, or other mini hunger games.
► Tons of new mobs and pets like iron golem, ocelot, cat, dog, ostrich, goat, camel, rabbit, cow and more!
► Hostile monsters like enderator, creeper, zombie, scorpion, wolf and more! Feed, breed, tame or kill!
► Are you boy or girl? Here you can customize your character by choosing unique skin, or paint armor with colors using bone meal.
► Use global live chat!


► Fun unlimited exploration craft: Explore creations, constructions, buildings, realms and block worlds built by others!
► Main crafting and building! Buildcraft 3d your dream block world: house, bridge, city, realms or explore cubes built by your friends, unite and build, better together!
► Lots of pixels: Enjoy pixel graphic’s game plays!
► Play with animals in creative!
► Best free online multiplayer construction exploring game!


►Play2free offline without wi-fi or internet connection. Surviving, crafting, building, destroying, kraft, hunger games and more are waiting for your infinite sandbox adventure!


Planet Craft is not an official Mojang application. This game is not associated or connected to Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Planet Craft games creator or its licensors.

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Arlene Johns

SWEETY PILE OF STEAMING HOT DIARRHEA-Now dont leave yet! This is an EXCELLENT game! Just the way it works is bloody messed up! If survival multiplayer (on gamemode i really play) Theres a spawn/safe zone. The second and i mean A FEW GODDANGSECONDS after you leave that area theres 2 people hunting you down with the best gear! They should add something to the shop where you can buy your own mini safe zone. I dont have any space left so expect a longer review on YELP.

Herman Conn

Planetcraft is grandeur and survival needs the Nether and the End also enchantments. Please change the classic graphics.!!!(but leave ores the same). Add anvils to survival Redstone things and enderpearls. ADD JUNGLE TEMPLES AND OCEAN MONUMENTS!!!

Jayne Fadel

I haven't played this game for like two years because of personal problems... I'm downloading it again because I miss my bestfriend.. she probably won't remember me or forgot about me, but I still remember her.. Kimmy \u003c3 It's JaceDaWolfPup.. You wont see this XD

Rahul Ullrich

So basically, im on windows pc, and it wont let me play it. I get on it, then it goes off. Please fix it! i love this game so much! \u003c;c \u003c3

Raul Gusikowski

The game is good, but some problems: lucky blocks don't work, people say the game is boring cause of the safezone, ore isnt respawning in cave and it cause lots of problems, and etc. But the game is good tho but remember the problems and if u can fix them please.

Colton Feeney

dear planet craft the only way for you to respond to me is if i rate 1 star. of corse i would rate 5 stars this game is the best. also im going to do suggestions for the game which i hope will get answered. so my suggestions are: you add airdrops that have goods and stuff, also add furniture, and the nether and end. some other stuff is make the iron golems not as noisy. also add a rifle/w scope. and add sprinting pls:) oh yeah I have a farm underground can you make all the animals not disappear

Maynard Labadie

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Devan Wilkinson MD

The bugs are not gone because still internet connection always gets you killed my brother and i have had a lot of problems with this and now we are thinking about deleting this and getting planet of cubes so fix it cuz it is alright just the connection.

Noemi Macejkovic

this is a nice game but for a next update can you scatter coins around so that like you can get more money ? plus this game is amazing 😀🐸

Prof. Eli Rau MD

I like it but one more update can you not drop your stuff when you die and when you kill somebody you just get ummmmmmmm 50 coins thank you and that would be helpful Love the app by the ways!