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Break the cube and find what's hidden inside !

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Hilario Sanford

The gameplay in this game is absolutely fun and entertaining but this game has a problem with ads. I'm actually pretty ok with ads and I do know that the ad free version is only 4 dollars but still it is frustrating when you're playing the game and you just finish a level then a 30 second ad pops up on your screen. All I am saying is that the user should have some option in watching ads or you can watch ads to make your gameplay better. Just a suggestion.

Gregorio Schuppe DVM

I am in the wrong business. Voodoo is making so much money from ads alone. It's the same with all their games. I can't get past 3 stages without being forced to watch a 30 second ad. With temporary boosters enabled that equates to an ad being played every 10 to 15 seconds of gameplay, plus the ad that you have to watch to enable the 3 minute booster. Voodoo is kind enough to offer the option to remove ads.....for $4 dollars. Voodoo, have you made enough money yet? Cuz I'd like to play the game.

Caden Heathcote

the only reason I'm giving this game a high rating is because I found people talking about how if you turn off wifi from your device, the ads would stop. It did work and I was able to enjoy the game. I would recommend this trick to anyone having troubles with ads

Merle Bradtke

So, it's fun for about a week then it's boring. The 2x booster for 20 gems doesn't work. After a month it is just pointless, you have to wait like 3 days till it you get enough money for one small upgrade. Eventually there is no point of breaking the cubes after you have unlocked all of the tools. As of now, every cube I break I get 52k out of it when the cheapest upgrade is 290M. That's hours I don't have to waist. Wouldn't download it unless you have some little kid staying at your house for 5 days and you need a game for them to play. Thansk.

Ms. Lilly Keeling I

All the keywords google play lists as commonly used have got to be from fake reviews. This game isn't fun. It isn't addicting, the graphics literally consist of little but cubes, and above all it isn't \"challenging\" in any way. You literally click on the cube to break it. It takes maybe 5 seconds. Every time you break 2 of them it shows you another ad. Get points from breaking the cubes so that you can break more cubes faster so the game can spam you with even more ads. That's it.

Jazlyn Witting

This is literally unplayable!! I played for 10 minutes just to make sure, and every single time you mine 2 cubes you get a 15-30 second ad, every time you level up the cube you get an ad, every time you try to do literally ANYTHING you get an ad. This is total BS I used to love playing this all the time before it turned into a money farm! The only Good change is the fix to the battery drain this game used to drain it to nothing in no time.

Vernice Kreiger

Way too many ads. This game doesn't really have a point. There is no time limit, nothing really to be solved. You just use your finger to trace around your phone screen to destroy all the blocks. You get special hammer power ups that help smash the blocks but each hammer takes 10 seconds to smash one block all the while, you can wipe out the whole cube in just 3 seconds. If you like games where you don't have an actual objective, no kind of time limit or point to what you are doing them this would be ok for you. I imagine this game as a fidget spinner of games, there's no point but people play it anyway.

Ahmad Fay

Just like every game this company publishes and then wastes their money advertising, at no point was I able to just enjoy playing this game as they believed it would work better as a tool for disseminating ads. Even the options to avoid ads loaded you into lengthy ads. Attempting to play the game, ads. I finally had enough when I chose not to double my income and was presented with 2 30 second ads I couldn't skip which then reloaded my game and I was presented with another ad.

Mr. Kian White

I mean it's perfect the only thing that's bugging me is unstoppable ads even if I DON'T want them I get them. The other thing is how I swipe the cube it moves it I don't try to do it, it's annoying the other thing is it's kinda boring. Like voodo you make great games but all u do is get ads and swipe stuff away to get a prize. I believe it should be in the TRWAAAASH!

Vincenzo Morissette

Fun game but the ads are crazy. Every 3rd cube is kind of ridiculous. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Will probably uninstall within a few day because I can only stand it for so long. 10 sec of game time followed by 30 sec of ads is nonsense. I know you developers have to make money and I dont mind watching lots of ads but come on. If you put out a \"free\" game expect it to make less money than a paid one. Heck, even every 10 cubes would make you lots of ad revenue and not force people to watch more ads than game play. At least try to balance game play with ad time. 3:1 ad to gameplay time is just plain greedy. Edit: decided to just uninstall. Played for 4 sec then hit an ad. I'm done. Making money is one thing. But you devs just made this game unplayable. GONE.

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  • Publish date
    Mar. 06, 2019
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    Android 16 and above
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