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Package Name: com.happyfuncorp.tesla

Developer: HappyFunCorp

Category: Free Auto & Vehicles Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 3.0

Requirements: Android 21 and above

File Size: 26M

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TezLab is a companion app for your EV. Track every trip you take in your car, compete against your friends on various metrics like distance traveled or efficiency. Control your car's climate, max charge level, and locks within the app.

It's the app your EV deserves.

A supported EV is required to use TezLab.

Note: Only Tesla vehicles are supported at this time. We've been unable to get the support of owners/other EV vendors for connectivity to other car types

Disclaimer: This software and documentation are not provided or endorsed by the EV makers. Use TezLab at your own risk. TezLab uses some of the same interfaces used by the official EV apps, however, those interfaces are undocumented and unsupported by the EV vendors and HappyFunCorp cannot guarantee proper operation of TezLab. You are responsible for any changes to your car by using TezLab (car controls) as TezLab can unlock the car, and perform other functions on the car. HappyFunCorp is not liable for any damages to you, your car or any other object in conjunction with the use of this app.
Editor's Note

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  • user Jim Miller apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Jim Miller

    Can't authorize, app just hangs. Reinstalled 3 times, no joy.

  • user Tony Castley apkdeer profile image
    3 weeks ago Tony Castley

    Cool app, all interesting information and controls. Just would love metric as an option. I don't travel miles or use gallons.

  • user Darwin Perrier apkdeer profile image
    4 weeks ago Darwin Perrier

    Great app! I evaluated them all, and the badges and summaries make this much more interesting than the others. With the upcoming new version and capability to get at your own data, it makes it possible to see what kind of impact different daily routes, speeds, temperatures, use of ac and other things can have; but this wouldn't be daily use for me, just analysis on occasion. I look forward to getting more data on the next -32 degree day....

  • user Meau apkdeer profile image
    4 weeks ago Meau

    Love the App. It gives me the information I need on what my car is doing and what power it is using. My only negative comment concerns support. Both online and on the app there is no way to contact the developers or ask questions. The FAQ is pretty basic. So...Developers...How can I change my user name?

  • user Claire Binder apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Claire Binder

    Cool app with lots of data. The best part is the social side to \"spy\" on colleagues and challenge them on the leaderboards

  • user Steven Wood apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Steven Wood

    Excellent app, tons of data available for my Tesla. Would be nice to support currencies other than the dollar though

  • user Peter Lucas apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Peter Lucas

    1) Fails to detect or report degraded battery. Reports it as \"inefficiency. 2) Lots of unhelpful, uninteresting data.

  • user farhat Sam apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago farhat Sam

    Please add the Electricity cost in addition to gaz saving

  • user Shawn Yeganeh apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Shawn Yeganeh

    I really like this app but it would be nice to see this project getting more updates. The bar graphs for instance need a rethink IMO. They were very confusing at first and even when I learned what info they are showing, I can't help but think a regular line graph would be easier to understand. I would also rethink the front page, I don't think VIN and software version are important enough to be the first thing you see. Also the ability to delete and maybe merge past trips.

  • user Primoz JUNEZ apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Primoz JUNEZ

    Good simple free app. Basically, a copy of the original one in different graphics with added features stats, batter, charge... why you can't add battery preconditioning in the app? working okay until today, when I can't get the app to work at all