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Shopping List

This application is a useful and simple shopping list for your phone.
Do you often make shopping lists? If you do, this app made exactly for you!
This is useful and simple way of making out a shopping list on your phone. You can input items from keyboard, add from database, filled by you, by barcode scanning and even using your voice! Also, you can mark out important purchases in the list. You just have to tap an item to mark it as "bought".
We hope that this app will expand your phone and make your shopping easier.

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Tyrique Runte

Extremely useful.

Maymie Lindgren

I like it! All features work well, and it has a nice appearance. Plus its simplicity is a HUGE plus! I like that you can have multiple lists. There are two features I'd like to see: 1) Be able to sort the shopping lists. You can easily drag-sort the items within a list, which I like. But I would really like to also be able to drag-sort (rearrange) the lists themselves. 2) Delete all crossed-out items from a list at one time. Right now, if you want to delete several crossed-out items, you have to delete each individually. Instead, it'd be nice to delete all crossed-out items with one click.

Yasmin Keebler

Developer is collecting money from this app but does not support this or any of the others. Could be a good app except the barcode scanner doesn't add products to the list and ads COVER bottom of page! You could purchase the pro version but nothing works in those as there is no support. So ya might as well have a pen and paper, no ads with those. Also if you change phones you have to start from scratch...

Myah Anderson

Stops when you send a link, but seems to send it anyway. However its send a link as an sms containing an iphone link - I AM ON ANDRIOD! if you program it for android, it should work on andriod. SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING UNINSTALLING THIS APP AND GOING TO ANOTHER APP FOR MY SHOPPING LIST

Rosalind Barton PhD

It is absolutely SHOCKING that after all these years, and so many requests, \nthe app still lacks the very basic export/import feature. The built in \n\"feature\" to mail the list is completely useless and does not work. Why \ncant the developer implement a basic export/import to csv?! You have to \nrecreate all your lists from scratch every time you move to new \nphone/tablet or just flash a new rom to your device. Good app, but lack of \nmigration feature is such a glaring hole!

Martina Spencer Sr.

I have been using this app for years, and like it, However, think this app would be much better if you could delete Individual items from the list!! As it is right now, you can only delete the entire list, or crossed off items, which is annoying, because some items i only purchase occasionally, and would love to delete those items on an individual basis!!

Soledad Gottlieb

Help - I exported a list and it keeps popping up as an error when I try to click to load it. Its weird. It should be a simple export , but you guys can't get it right.

Mrs. Minerva Kemmer II

Won't update, I've had this app for years stopped working. so I uninstalled it and reloaded but it won't update, paid for widget now I am losing that too. Stay away!

Prof. Angelica Pouros PhD

I've had this app on my phone for a long time and I love it. I have separate list for different stores as well as a list for short reminders and a list to keep track of my bills, marking them off as I pay them. This has been a very useful app for me...please don't change a thing.

Eldred Schmeler

I think that when you tap on a item in your list it shouldnt be crossed off. It did not do that before. I also like that they added a Delete option, after buying things the price would stay the same as you couldn't delete it before the upgrade. Well.... I am guessing the upgrade upgraded it from no Delete to a option to Delete. It's about time. I have this application for years and I have found it to be frustrating that you couldn't do that. How is a person supposed to know how much of a total everything is when after you buy something and mark it off the price doesnt change. This is a good shopping application but it could be better. Other shopping applications are more complex and frustrating as I have seeked other ones and this is simple. I like that.