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Package Name: com.ubj.typoman

Developer: uBeeJoy

Category: Free Adventure Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 42M

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Typoman Mobile Screenshot
Typoman Mobile Screenshot
Typoman Mobile Screenshot
Typoman Mobile Screenshot

Typoman Mobile

Typoman is a puzzle platformer. You slip into the role of a character made of letters, struggling to make your way through a dark and hostile world. Despite your small stature you have a powerful gift: You can craft words which will have an effect on the environment. But choose your words wisely - they can either be a blessing... or a curse!

Game features

• Wield the power of altering the world by creating, changing or destroying words
• Solve ingenious and challenging puzzles with a unique aesthetic mix of typography and pen & ink graphics
• Captivating, carefully drafted, on-the-fly told story using witty word puzzles and puns
• Surreal, atmospheric game world
• Distinct soundtrack specifically composed for the game

Awards & Recognition

• Featured at Indie Game Revolution, EMP Museum, Seattle
• Beste Inszenierung / Best Production, German Video Game Awards 2016, Munich
• Finalist Indie Prize 2016 Showcase, Casual Connect Europe 2016, Amsterdam
• Best Casual Game, Game Connection Development Awards 2015, San Francisco
• Nominee for Best Game, Best Indie Game, Best Sound, Best Game Design, Best Console Game, German Dev Awards 2015, Cologne
• Winner Best Art Style, Gaming Trend's Best of E3 2015 Awards, Los Angeles
• Winner Best of Quo Vadis 2015 (Sponsored by Google), Best of Quo Vadis Show, Berlin
Nominee Best Indie Game, gamescom award 2015, Cologne

Minimum system requirements

• Android version 5.1.1 or later
• 2GB RAM or above
Editor's Note

Typoman Mobile is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 1.0 from our website for free. Typoman Mobile apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 16 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.


  • user soumanasya dutta apkdeer profile image
    5 days ago soumanasya dutta

    A beautifully crafted platformer. The creators are absolute madlads! An awesome game which you can play without paying a single penny. Hats off to the devs.

  • user Brian Jeffrey apkdeer profile image
    5 days ago Brian Jeffrey

    Controls are terrible. Half the time it would not load up. Gave it a few tries but then had to uninstall it. Graphics looked great but unplayable on my Android phone

  • user Benson Martinez apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Benson Martinez

    Suggest hair cause sizes comes didn't see that she's such duty sure study still doing such sun cut don't soon so Faisal K class talk audio good cook soon kiss Kids butts in did find Susie sinus sides does doing V solder

  • user Gregory M Andriotis apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Gregory M Andriotis

    Fun sidescrolling puzzle game

  • user Shallaw Muhammad apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Shallaw Muhammad

    Game is so cool and fun to play but the ads ruined literally everything

  • user Haroon Khan apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Haroon Khan


  • user mukul sharma apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago mukul sharma

    Good but it required high English to solve puzzles

  • user Nick apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Nick

    Fantastic little game with a nice story.

  • user Your Weave Stank Fom apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Your Weave Stank Fom

    A few bugs here and there. For example upon 'crafting new words' I am not able to access the \"word tray\" where you unscramble words and spell words out. That way is much easier, than having to do extra work by making the protagonist rearrange the words in order to form words. Please, fix this minor problem. I am sure it is not my phone's fault because it is new. Nontheless, I enjoy this gameplay. I really love the ideas and the effort portrayed in this game. Thank you for making this app free.

  • user Ahmad Hania apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Ahmad Hania

    Impressive game with very nice graphics and gameplay. I only hoped it was a little longer.