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Talking Tom Gold Run

Run to chase after the robber and explore the endless running worlds of Talking Tom Gold Run!

This cool game will have you running, jumping, and getting an epic adrenaline rush in no time at all!

Oh no, the sneaky robber is blocking the street! Take down the robber’s truck in an awesome boss fight. Kick chili bombs at him and dodge obstacles. Watch out for brand new time-limited events and win amazing rewards!

GET READY, GET SET, RUN!! Come and have fun for free with this amazing endless runner! Chase after the robber who stole your gold and unlock new worlds. Do you have what it takes to run through all the worlds and win? It’s not super easy to be the best, but we believe in you! Start running and racing now. It’s time to go for gold!

Run to chase the robber – he’s got your gold! Use the gold bars you get back to build and upgrade amazing homes for Talking Tom and Friends! The finished homes will then unlock new worlds just for you! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s run for fun!

✔ ENDLESS FUN: With endless running and racing, the fun never ends!!!
✔ MISSIONS AND REWARDS: Win missions to get cool rewards!
✔ BUILD AMAZING HOMES: Use the gold bars you collect to build homes for Talking Tom and Friends!
✔ UNLOCK NEW RUNNING WORLDS: Explore even more fun worlds when you upgrade your home!
✔ RUN WITH SPECIAL CHARACTERS: Run even faster and do cool tricks with the help of special characters!


This app contains:
- The possibility to use and connect with friends via social networks;
- The option to make in-app purchases;
- Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money (build progress, in-game functionalities, etc.);
- Promotions for Outfit7’s products, as well as advertising;
- Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress;
- Videos to watch starring Outfit7’s animated characters via YouTube integration; and
- Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps.

This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates that Outfit7 has established COPPA-compliant privacy practices to protect the personal information of children. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information.

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Customer support: [email protected]

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Raina Senger

Me and my two daughters. ..just don't have enough. .. that's how it used to be. not anymore. The game kees freezing randomly ... There is no fun playing..we keep trying again and again but it is not working the way it used to be.. please fix this problem. Don't want to uninstall the game. I will put it back to 5 Stars when you guys fix the issue of freezing.

Zella Schmitt

I actually like this game! The gold just looks like your money already... Like in the actuall world that it's hard to earn money or in this game acting like gold,just run,run, and run that like it has no limit just to reach your dream and just keep ongoing no matter what happen..

Brannon Bednar

i feel like that this game is an a diction it's kind of weird but I like these kinds of games because there interesting for me and it's really nice to unlock new levels and go to New places and awards soo ya and i bet u will like this game to I'm grateful for the people who created this game (O_\u003c)

Kane Marquardt

Very good and addicting in thing you coyld improve is to add a little spice to it. Like i dont know maybe some dragon portals or stuff like that

Miss Queenie Harris V

i love it although i think that you can add 10 lives before you die and that you start with 1000 vault but other than that it us the best from 1 to 10 i give it 7 Roblox would be 10 and you 7 try and improve it

Clifton Cruickshank

it is very good game it don't like it's graphics whenever I get a new high score I am in hanks place in my tab and I was in Angela's night out in my fathers phone

Vidal Reichert

it is so fun I love all the cute characters. you need to download it if you haven't done it yet....

Lennie Kunde

iam in ginger farm home my are 20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000(000000)))))))00000000000 and my bomd is twenty thousand this game relaased in feb 19

Noemi Legros

Its nice game and I love to play easy to handle. I have downloaded this game in four more mobiles and that is of my mom, my husband, my dad and my sister as well and they also love this game as l do 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Dr. Austyn Zieme I

interesting and new versions should be there because it give more interest for player to play.discovering new things will be the best for game and as well as a player.😎😍